Gender policy

This pattern of behavior has been actively encouraged female teachers. Gradually, from the school of life and feelings of boys disappeared values male character. Disappeared male heroics, epic epic male, male symbols. Boys were immersed in a purely feminine spiritual-signaling environment with its meaning and value. Moreover, the more spiritually mature girls themselves were less mature vaccinate their boys especially female characters, passion, play, emotions, dreams, imagination, habits, motives, meanings of life, fears. As a result, for several generations of the schools, where the majority of children, disappeared pololichnostnaya identity of young people, especially boys.

Finally, unique to boys natural inclinations — a passion for risk, testing the will and strength of mind, craving to be bold and courageous — are muted and neutralized.
Given that emotions will certainly have a clear and definite hormonal activation (and hormones are known to direct genetic effects of the substance), the target is the neutralization and male instincts and at the genetic level.
Furthermore, the nature of masculinity is that the most humiliating, shameful, literally self-destructive experience for the boys — to be weaker than girls. Our investigations have revealed that if the boys are drawn pathological mental and even physical complexes. In some boys formed purely feminine traits, while others formed complex neurotic loser.
Constant experience resentment affects not only the mental health but also for mental development. Incidentally, this explains why the first class inexorably growing number of "educational neglect" boys. Here and resentment and humiliation, and depression. Here and perpetual fatigue and stress from school race for the girls did well. Here and in the growth of neurotic, mental and physical illness. But girls suffer — they formed character traits typical of the opposite sex.
Conducted in our laboratory studies have shown that boys and girls initially qualitatively sensual archetypes, they have different dreams, different fantasies, nothing fancy, etc. Analysis of thousands of pictures of boys and girls convinced us in one thing: in the normal child development strategy sensual subconscious, their primary strategy archetypes, from which issued the psychic life, never intersect.
— But then we can assume that Russia together with the "civilized" West is undergoing a total disaster — there is also a blended learning and asexual education …
— This is so. In countries that adopted the "asexual" training, at the population level (as is the level of evolutionarily significant changes) the following clear trends:
a) gradual "loosening" and rebirth boys "Y" chromosome in the "X" chromosome;
b) a gradual decrease in the number and extinction efficiency (in terms of child-bearing) male seed. Boys and young men, more and more began to develop on the female type at all levels of life.
At this point there are numerous reports in the foreign, and in recent years, and in the national literature.
Effeminate men became more and more to fill the space of social life.
— Perhaps this explains the rapid development in the West, the feminist movement and the struggle for the "female self-sufficiency." In the end, the love of life begins with a love for the opposite sex. And if it becomes full-fledged representative rarity, "a gimmick," women have to indulge in all serious …
— Indeed, women's constitution when such training was deformed. Girls, who took on the role of leadership (and this — responsibility, commitment, strength of spirit, the eternal struggle to maintain this leadership, etc.), have become more and more developed male pattern. They appear to be unique to the previously male sex habits, including unhealthy. This is a manifestation of the growing girls, women for men, often pathological emotions (aggression, anger, brute force, and so on). And all this is accompanied by systemic hormonal changes.
At the clinical level — the various functional (and later pathological) violations in the development of secondary sexual characteristics.
It is the growth of various degenerative manifestations in the ovaries of female breasts. This is a different menstrual cycle. This growth of benign and malignant neoplasms affecting the breast, epididymis. This increase in infertility and pregnancy — different pathologies during her pregnancy (miscarriage, bleeding, various systemic diseases of mother, etc.).
During deliveries — either premature or delayed delivery.
This weakness and "convulsive" (randomness) rodorazreshayuschih rhythm.
Is the growth of various congenital and genetic diseases newborns, their poor viability.
This is a syndrome of sudden ("unreasonable") infant death, etc., etc. And we are not talking about a few cases. In particular, according to research by Research Center for Children's Health (Baranov), of every thousand babies born in the major cities of Russia, at 800-900 identifies one or other congenital and developmental anomalies. But this is a national disaster!
Increasingly, even in apparently feminine ladies in clarifying the causes of infertility doctors suddenly find instead female "X" chromosome male "Y".
Finally, it is not only the extinction of reproduction of human milk, and maternal feelings. Here they are, the real roots of the hit Russia epidemic of homeless children living in the matter! Here and the inexorable increase in the number of young people with sexually indeterminate "search" orientation. This germafrodizatsiya, first in spirit, and later on bodily constitution.
— That is, people of the future — biorobot hermaphrodite?
— In Western civilization in its present form has no future — nature can not be fooled and do not win. Unfortunately, the family, the school, the modern media was brought up young people that they are convinced that the Lord God has given them reason in the name of a single goal — to improve more and more ways to meet the needs and enjoyment and pleasure. Thanks to the "weapons of mass seduction" "heroes" of young people have become a sex star. But still no culture, no civilization, no people survived after immersion in sexual freedom. And today, in Russia, in fact, almost formed a global mechanism liquidation. On the one hand, we have grown up a generation with a weak will and spirit. On the other — we have launched an all-consuming machine temptations. On the third — zdoroverazrushayuschy learning in public schools. As a result, we have what we have.
One has only to imagine: there are in appearance a boy and a girl. At the same time feminine boys and girls omuzhestvlennyh highest value has long been outside pretty and attractive. Married. But in spirit, they both — women-polumuzhchina! And when they open, except mutual alienation and hate nothing more than a test. This is the inexorable logic of the spirit. On a subconscious level begins as intersexual slaughter two "male" for the mythical "female", and two subliminal "females" for the mythical "male." And the carnage often, very often are caught by their children.
We are in the twentieth century had over a tragic experiment — ignored sex-role training and actively implement sexless pedagogy. Here's the result … At a time when the people to the ground destroyed educational culture where to base destroyed family and tribal education, our school is aimed at a certain amount of knowledge (no sentimental education!) Is the greatest crime against the people.
— Few have perceived …
— Yes, unfortunately, it is. The fact is that most feminine boys and masculine girls, and later, men and women with such complexes, their health has become commonplace, but because they think they are perfectly normal. At the same time we are witnessing a courageous girl degrading reproductive function more and more closely in courage failing boys. Battle of the sexes reaches its climax when trying to organize a family.
In what manner the boys "do" themselves if they are dissolved in classes of more mature on the genetic and spiritual age girls? If the more advanced and mature girl for them are those example, in the image and likeness of which they build their emotional lives? If the image of girls beginning women teachers as an example for the boys as the standard of social behavior? In the end, who will be embodied in our boys, if all their modern life — is a continuous relay transmission from one person to another female?
Studies in our laboratory have shown that every year the boys will die away, courage, and they increasingly adopt a purely feminine tastes and habits. And if in the early stages of schooling have "ozhenovlyayutsya" only feelings and imagination (the core of the spiritual nature of the people), then to graduate 95 percent of young men bodily hormone constitution has all the features of this "ozhenovleniya."
— I've seen the research data of ninth Sergiev Posad district, which summarized Alifanova Lyudmila, a doctor. She writes from first to ninth grade the number of girls with abnormally developed pelvis increased by 71%. But, importantly, 96% (!) Ninth antropogrammy pointed to development under eunuchoid type …
— But we have, fortunately, there are other data. In the mid 90's the candidate of medical sciences G. Styuhinoy was used to study that answers the question: What happens to the imagination when pololichnostnym existing "sexless" model of didactics and in our proposed parallel-split model of education (boys and girls study separately, in parallel classes). Regularities are very clear. A mixed model of education for children dies pololichnostnoe imagination on the background of the imagination, typical of the opposite sex. In contrast, the parallel-split model of education for all children, there is inherent rooting floor imagination.
Output is obvious: to separate boys and girls in the parallel classes within the same school. The first kindergartens in which this model was introduced, there were children's Gardens Strizhevogo (Head of Department Z. preschool balls), DOW "Dewdrop" (headed by Ivanov, Methodist E. Remenyuk etc.). The first such school was school № 103 Zheleznogorsk (director E. Dubrovskaya), school № 343 in Moscow (Director J. Korneev), school № 760 in Moscow (director V. Garmash) and others
The teachers in these classes, noted an improvement in boys verbal, graphic functions, performance. Psychologists talk about the growth characteristics of courage, the will, the ability to make decisions. In the drawings and dreams begin to dominate the symbols and images (archetypes) that are characteristic of male nature spirit. In addition, the boys began to grow better! In particular, by the end of elementary school boys from separate classes were 4.1 cm above their peers engaged in mixed classes with the girls, and by the 10th class of the difference was 7.8 cm
Outstanding domestic physiologist Ivan Pavlov proved that word as a spiritual signal can have the same force jet affect, as a real sensory stimuli. Know another: the ultimate target of sensory stimulus is always a genetic matrix, ie gene pool. That is, the word, like a real sensual stimulus simulates the effect of the implementation of genetic programs.
Now let us remember what we say in school, what didactics.
The twentieth century — a time when the culture is actively took sexless "height", but most importantly, the twentieth century — the century of sexless organization of the educational process. But asexual treatment of children — it is always stimulating foreign to the spirit of genetic information (code) programs. Moreover, the alien for both girls and boys.
Consequences of asexual and signal information scoring children — catastrophic. Degradation of sex — is obvious.
And the tragedy is not limited to hormonal and genetic disruption. It blends in with the epidemic of spiritual and mental disorders. In the spiritual realm break alien nature of this sensual sex instinctual impulses — the feeling. They capture a passion for life and begin to dominate the will of the spirit, of the psyche. Man is caught alien sensibility, alien forces. He seems to be no control over himself. In biblical language is called "evil spirits." The phenomenon of "evil forces" never satisfied "Chamber", a limited impact. "Evil Spirit" is always directed toward the approval of alien nature of human nature feelings and needs at the level of society.
— Here you can not disagree: telesatanizm — This is no metaphor.
— This is the reality — we entered the era of the death of the species of the tree of life. Policy, and many doctors are hoping that the problem can be solved by economic means. Yes, the money will not be superfluous here. But those who trust only in finance, do not account for one "minor" thing: normal healthy child may have only perfectly healthy young men! If they "chronicle", the child is not under any circumstances, no matter what level of medicine is born healthy. And there may come a time when an infinitesimal part of the younger generation have a functioning under any economic conditions, not to feed an army of the sick and infirm. The fight is on for years, decades. Procrastination — death.
Look at the quality of child-bearing seed — is the cornerstone upon which all living things. First of all, this (there are other factors, but they — the subject of a long conversation) and we explain why we at the end of XX century, not only in hospitals disappeared normal healthy babies, but for every thousand of them at 800-900 — those or other birth defects. Imagine: in front of you immature green apple or a similar grain of wheat. Now immature sow seed into the earth, and see what shoots we get? Right: non-viable, the sick, and in the end — dying. And here any medical correctional "agriculture" is powerless! But in the chromosomes of the seed is not damaged! Conducted under the guidance of our examinations of school graduates living in the Moscow region, Yaroslavl, the Republic of Komi, Krasnoyarsk, and others have shown that about 90-95 per cent of young men and women have signs of physical and spiritual infantilism.
— That is the backwardness of development, when the adult stored physical or mental traits of a child …
— To be more precise, even retardation and immaturity. Immaturity of high school graduates — is a systemic physical and spiritual underdevelopment. It is unopened, and eventually truncated and all descended from the arena of life for all future generations of information and genetic programs specific life. Infantilism school graduates — a weakness volitional, and ultimately irresistible in adolescence and future periods against the onslaught of hormones and animal instincts. This dire consequences for the moral and mental health problems, for reproductive health. Infantilism of young people — is erasing Immune genetic memory, and as a result of the exposure of a myriad of viruses and germs.
Are potential rapists, murderers and suicides. This is a hidden and overt androgyny. This, ultimately, extinction ability to conceive, carry, nourishing breast milk and raise a child. It is the death of the family and the state.
— Add to your words as follows: Elena Tetenova, the Research Institute Ministry of Health Addiction, examined a group of teenagers, drug addicts with heroin addiction. One hundred percent of the time (!) Tetenova noted the addicts such quality as infantilism …
— Yes, this whole tragedy is unfolding before our eyes. And no matter what side we approached her, she naturally summarize substitution goals and objectives of the school. Instead of targeting the formation of hard and daily moral, mental and physical maturity, we see information and instructive programming. And — criminal mix of boys and girls in kindergarten and schools calendar age.
We must immediately move to the parallel-split type of education and training of boys in kindergarten schools. We must immediately create the conditions for selection and admission to pevuzy and Teachers' College boys (at least 50% of all high school seniors and college students). You need to get the men to come to the schools and kindergartens.
— It is unlikely that our government will be decided this …
— Where a child is to be a dictatorship. Prirodosoobraznosti dictatorship. If we want to save something, the whole structure of school life should work now on the floor — to develop in girls female, in boys — men. Not about the extracurricular training in question — "play in the boys'; then 45 minutes shall learn together, and about every minute, every second, the formation of dynamic patterns of feeling, thinking.
Sexless culture — I say this responsibility — there is a culture of evil. This culture leads to massive deformity babies and infertility.
Consider that there are unknown to man the forces that govern the population-level birth ratio of boys and girls. During the war and the death of young boys male fertility increases. Asexual embryo, as you know, during the first weeks of a bisexual (germafrodicheskuyu) nature. That is a potential willingness to accept both men's and women's development strategy. But femininity is clearly dominant influence. This is shown by experiments on animals. If the female rat ovaries removed, it will still develop in the female type. But if you remove the ovaries in males, despite the genetic predetermination, the individual develops in women's programs.
We conducted a study in Perm, Yaroslavl Oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai, the Republic of Komi. Was surveyed and a third of all teenagers Sergiev Posad. Results — scary. Most boys destroyed, underdeveloped, warped physical constitution. The girls — the same thing. And so in any region (and abroad too). Yes, the poor health of schoolchildren, the problem often broadcasts from high tribunes. But few people, "sees the root", you know that we have a global species disaster! What are people mature male and female qualities? For pleasure? No, in order to have a full-fledged offspring. And we live blindfolded — to take out the curve.
In our long and hard "hammered" false algorithm — health is a consequence of situational current life: food, money, economy. And our research convinced of the opposite. Health — is the result of constant sensory motor and creativity. Result of the development of man in the light and power of inspiration, imagination. This registration rights in the power of the spirit, courage, faith, confidence (faith), self-esteem. This sincerity and morality.
This is love. Conversely, lack of will, cowardice, fear, insecurity, depression, fatigue, depression, despair, selfishness, anger, resentment, envy, sloth contrary to the law of freedom of the senses and the spirit, the laws of things and turn the fading power of the spirit, nervous and physical infirmity. Only after all this health — the category of material.
Parenting courage in boys — this task for us now is not as important as maintaining an army in combat-ready condition. And even more important. Otherwise, after twenty years in the army will be no one to serve. Save the boys save up men — will be our people. Protect our girls from the corrupting influence of the media, give them the ideals of goodness, beauty, chastity — we will have a strong family. All parents and grandparents (and there are also policies have known), I call to reflect on the future of our children and grandchildren, and in the end — the future of the entire nation. And then the family tree of Russia, our beloved country will be long and happy noise of the world …

Lydia Sychev


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