Ghostbusters called?

When old Mrs. Reynolds bought this beautiful old mansion on the outskirts of London, it was surprised by quite a low price. The old woman decided that she is just amazing luck.

The first night in the new house was quiet, but the next was something terrible. Barely old woman was asleep in his luxurious boudoir, as terrible screams literally threw it on the bed. Screaming, choking, maid. Mrs. Reynolds, despite his advanced age, the girl hurried to the rescue. It turned out that the maid saw the most genuine ghost. Ghostly silhouette of a lady in a black vintage dress suddenly appeared right out of the wall of her room, majestically sailed past frozen in terror on his bed, and the girl disappeared into a huge picture frame, for unknown reasons, hanging in a room for servants.

Mrs. Reynolds was worth a lot of sweat to reassure frightened maid, the two of them spent the night in the boudoir of the mistress, wincing every sound that the old house was full.

Morning came thrush, and very sleepy hostess decided to ask her about the previous owners of the house, its peculiarities. People of similar professions usually know everything about everyone, and thrush told a grim story of a poor woman of her "successful" acquisition. It turned out that the ghost in this house there was a hundred years ago, has disappeared without a trace of his first mistress. Many have argued that the unfortunate Duchess killed her jealous husband. But her body was not found, the case was dismissed, the story was forgotten. A few years later the suspect hanged himself. Here is a version that make this step the old Duke made the ghost of his wife killed him.
After that, the mansion changed many owners, but no one could live with a ghost. All attempts of the priests, to cast him fail.

A week later, Mrs. Reynolds read in the newspaper about the club a note of Ghostbusters.

The first recorded ghost hunters club was founded in England in 1655. Even then, scientists caught this unusual phenomenon, and they decided to study reports of ghosts. Member of the club was even famous physicist R. Boyle.

Subsequently to the Ghostbusters famous Harry Price, being a talented engineer, he developed the first method to study the phenomenon of the appearance of ghosts. In Price's was a special set for this unusual "hunting", which in addition to cameras, cameras and other devices, included a very specific means of first aid — a flask of brandy, which was to bring to life fallen into a swoon at the meeting with the ghost of Harry's clients .. .

Modern Ghostbusters have a variety of supersensitive instruments. To his "hunting" they connect and mediums that can make contact with the ghost.

Curiously, sometimes supernatural phenomenon can be explained without invoking the ghosts. Thus, in one of the oldest castles XVI century Dutch howling centuries "ghosts" were revenge the architect commissioned to erect the castle lord too fastidious. The latter is so tortured builders endless alterations and so much owed the architect for the building, that he decided to take revenge and made the windows smaller shaped niches. Entering the wind caused them so eerie howls that lord soon went mad with fear, and the castle was sold for a pittance.

If many of the Ghostbusters (about their work filmed a lot of movies) are studying this phenomenon, without any selfish motive, then g.Grimsbi (Kent), there is a company "host ketcherz" which accepts orders to "capture and destroy" all sorts of uninvited supernatural Guests plaguing their owners creepy antics. Hunters from Grimsby four, headed by their doctor R.Farmen, which for half a century engaged in research work in the field of para-normal events and lectures on psychology and parapsychology. This team constantly goes on call, work above the head, it is well known that Britain — a country of ghosts.

The first thing hunters identify the nature of what is happening: psychological phenomenon or para-psychological.

As in mysterious appearances of ghosts usually sharp cold snap, an important part of equipment are temperature sensors.

Apparently, such a group of hunters and caused Mrs. Reynolds. Researchers soon discovered that the route that generally follows the ghost breaks at the big picture of the room maid. After the picture was removed and tapped the wall behind her, found walled niche in which was a female skeleton.

Thus was solved the mystery of the disappearance of the Duchess — the first lady of the house. When her remains were buried in the family crypt, ghost no longer appear in the mansion.

How do we explain the fact that people are ghosts? A number of scientists believe that this phenomenon is caused by hallucinations, optical illusion, etc. Unlike skeptics scientists, 42% of Americans believe that had contact with the dead, various friends and relatives, and 13% is clearly seen ghosts, including have their pictures.

Do not assume that all scientists believe the phenomenon of ghosts unworthy of study. Charles Tart, University of California, is convinced that ghosts need to learn as much as possible to use ultra-sensitive sensors. The network of these devices connected to your computer, allows to correlate changes in all studied parameters at the time the ghosts and may help to imagine what the phenomenon.

Canadian neurophysiology Persindzher Michael believes that virtually solved the mystery of the mysterious phenomenon. He collected data showed that the ghosts in some way associated with periods of high geomagnetic activity and almost always occur during magnetic storms. The scientist tested his version of volunteers, he tied their eyes and put in an isolation cell. When he was working on them by the magnetic field, almost all observed vague human shapes.

Obviously, the existence of "restless" haunted houses, where the phenomenon is observed for centuries, due to the fact that the buildings are in geopathic zones. As you know, these zones because of heterogeneity in the earth's crust (breaks, shifts, crossing streams and ground water, etc.) are characterized by harmful radiation acting on the human brain.

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