Ghosts and wealth Nesvizha

December 28, 2012 6:11

Ghosts and wealth Nesvizha
Once upon a time people asked, "Where's the Minsk?" And received the answer: "Not far from Nesvizh." Now very few people would know about it if it were not the main attraction of the town, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site — the palace and castle complex.

Black lady

More than four centuries lived in the ancient tradition of the town of Black lady. Since the XVI century, the soul of some of Barbara can not find the way to the grave and forever wander the earth Nesvizh castle. To the living, it always appears in black robes as a sign of mourning for his ruined love. Good ghost warned owners of the castle of the risks they face — war or disease. In the middle of the XVIII century black woman began to perform new duties — to monitor the behavior of young and beautiful girls and women. It scares some in dark places during the balls when they allow themselves to appear in a very public toilets. In existence in the castle of the Black lady believed the Germans, who twice invaded Shults. When they saw something black end of the park, then shouting "Frau Schwartz!" Fired in that direction and ran to hide.

Splendor of the castle

The first mention of Nesvizh Castle found in the annals of the XIII century. The palace was the residence of the Dukes Radziwill, the powerful Polish-Lithuanian family, one of the most influential in Europe for several centuries.

The castle is extremely beautiful. As well as all the legends and fairy were associated with its history. It is built in the shape of a quadrangle, surrounded by an earthen rampart with bastions at the corners, water ditch and artificial reservoirs. For the protection and defense of the castle has a secret passages, many of which now, after the Restoration, and are not found the secret to future researchers.

Castle, the Old, the New and the English Garden, Japanese Garden — This is an interesting place to walk in the shady alleys, where there are silver willow and alder, maple and Amur lilac, basswood and dwarf spruce. They reflect the Renaissance and Classicism, Baroque and Rococo, Neo-Gothic and modernism.

Its chic design and content of all internal locking ceases to amaze visitors. Each room of the castle has its own name, its own unique look, here restored stoves earthenware tiles and decorated with moldings, fireplaces with heraldic images of metal, walls decorated with carved oak panels and gilded stucco. All reflect the way of life of the Radziwill Family: ceiling with paintings, parquet floor, luxurious furnishings, luxurious chandeliers and mirrors, based on styles of the era. Library consisted of more than 20,000 volumes. Art Gallery kept nearly a thousand pictures. Renovated by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus Nesvizh Castle in the nine months of this year earned a million dollars. More and more tourists want to see its splendor.

Gentry Ball

The tradition of balls reopened: Nesvizh palace for the first time since the Radziwills Princes has hosted in November. Halls of the castle is filled with music and lights, and dancing in the beautiful dresses ladies and gentlemen to travel back in time and plunged into the atmosphere of an old noble ball: red carpet, bright torches and champagne glasses. From Russia arrived film director Stanislav Govorukhin, actor and singer Dmitry Kharatyan and lead the ball was Marat Bashar. But in this dark midnight in the mysterious atmosphere pierced sparks fireworks ghost Pannochki nobody met.

Secrets of Treasure

Several centuries ago, the genus Radziwill was one of the richest in Europe. The fabulous wealth of legends. And now the imagination of many treasure hunters disturb the ghosts of countless treasures, which, according to legend, buried somewhere nearby. The most popular legend — on 60 pudah jewels disappeared from the dungeon of the castle. Visit the castle once admired and emphasizes "a collection of the 12 apostles," five of which were of pure gold and studded with precious stones. It is believed that the 12 apostles cast for decorating doors Jesuit church, irretrievably lost during the retreat of Napoleon's troops in Shults. Taken by the French, but where? According to legend, they are hidden in a huge tunnel that connected the two locks Radziwill — Nesvizh and the mundane. (By the Nesvizh and Mira 35 kilometers.) Recently there was a rumor that the castle began to appear worldly ghost prince Dominic that allegedly favors finding treasures near Worlds. In general, the excavation of underground hiding places — in the future. Meanwhile, Castle, covered veil mystery reminiscent of the era of noble knights and beautiful ladies.

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Ghosts and wealth Nesvizha

Picture of Wojciech Gerson, "The phenomenon of ghost Barbara Radziwill," in 1886, the National Museum in Poznan.

Ghosts and wealth Nesvizha

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