Ghosts of 1914: Is it possible to stop a world war?

Ghosts of 1914: Is it possible to stop a world war?Being able to make French voter, so stop the war? Creator article does not hide his own pessimism. The Empire has set an ultimatum to Iran. But can Iran to take it? And is capable of empire from falling apart economies abandon the attack? Do you have "integrated" in NATO France for maneuver? Yes, there is, but it is equally unsafe to narrow. Election, they support the candidate of the alliance may be that grain of sand, which violates the plans of the empire and will alert the war of civilizations. It is time to open your eyes.

Since the election of Vladimir Putin's been two weeks, and the results are already apparent for yourself to know! In Syria, which receives a supply of Russian weapons, the regime of Bashar al-Assad has strengthened its position and looks strong as ever. At the summit of the BRICS (Brazil, our motherland, India, China, South Africa), which will be held March 29 in New Delhi, to be defined principles for the use of other currencies except the dollar and the euro and laid the bases clearing mechanism between the two countries.

Last week I tried to tell that nedavneshnie elections in Russia — this is one of the most important dates of the new century. In the coming six years, Russia will maintain a strong favorite ahead, which is not going to be led by the Anglo-American-European empire. He has all the tools for this. But how will react empire?

The elections have given Putin 6 years for the order to complete the planned program from the Russian Federation to — diplomatic, military, economic, financial, municipal, information, research. Many very quickly buried under a mountain of rust Russian arsenals of the Gorbachev era. Our homeland, which had to suffer a lot because of Yeltsin and the IMF decided to resist. The forces of disintegration and chaos failed to gain a foothold in Russia. The counterfeit alcohol, bulk import heroin from Afghanistan — all this was powerless. The scheme, which has put China on his knees in the XIX century, did not work in Russia. As I wrote last week, at the moment we litsezreem counterattack in Russian, as it was in 1812 and 1943.

Throughout the empire now, faced with this sudden resistance, is undergoing a series of the most severe crises. Zeal (only on a very short-lived time) to solve these crises by wars in the Libyan style (gold + oil) is associated with severe risks. In the era of nuclear war would be the end of the world's population that moves into the shadow of all the other campaign promises. It seems however, the United States has already passed through the Russian ultimatum to Iran: either you comply or we will declare war. When the United States put forward an ultimatum, they followed him. The war still really avoid using the unification of all forces and energies. The volume of articles is limited, because I have to read as short as possible. Here are some very fundamental for understanding the issues that also intertwine among themselves.

1. Countries within the empire (except Germany) reduce its own industrial sector. Some they say about the very highest rate of foreign currency. It certainly plays a role, but, apparently, not so great, as the style of the economy. U.S. and EU have adopted the speculative and British monetarist model. This artificial and collusive economy, which caused such a fury of Napoleon, spread throughout Europe and the United States turned into economic casino where everything is bought and sold, but produced fewer products. In other words, it is about virtualization and the weakening economy. We buy that have not sold and have not earned, to buy what has not been produced, calculates that have yet to pay off. As in the system Lowe in the XVIII century, the moment comes when one becomes a grain of sand is enough to bring down the pyramid of virtual capacity and forecasts. The mortgage crisis is solved by an infusion trillion, as if the water in the reactor during the tragedy at the nuclear power plant. In structural terms, nothing has changed, because the situation will only get worse.

2. Countries within the empire are becoming poorer as a result, robotics, and the concentration of wealth. At one time it was thought that the replacement of production will come to society society services and loan society of entertainment, but rendered the boundaries of the country's call centers are replaced by robots phone. Two centuries back only wealth was the people. Now, a person becomes a yoke on the neck of the Information Technology society that does not know where it would be better to attach. Students, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, bloodless, people with different dependencies — all they are no longer needed. Moreover, the number needed for the current economic system of the people is getting smaller. It only remains war, but she was not in the side of robotics. So still do this mass of people who are not enthusiastic for the inhumane system? In the Russian Federation, China and Brazil have large areas that have yet to colonize and to master.

3. The states within the empire (except for Germany and Northern Europe, in which there is a beautiful modern infrastructure) not have the necessary means to ensure the energy transition. Implementation (fully profitable) renewable energy sources involves huge investment for a generation, not zapamyatyvaya the need to maintain a proper state of existing infrastructure. Where to take a trillion euros with excessive, which needed to support the emerging industry, if all countries, and at first the United States, bent under the weight of debt. Repair of water supply, electricity, roads and bridges — all of this is already beyond the probable. Hospitals and schools are suffering from acute thrombosis if to get an appointment for you to have to wait three months, and in the clinic for you they say: "The disease can wait", means the economy no longer meets the needs of the population. She is also sick, and how the patient. Here it is necessary to be afraid of the so-called "elastic effect": in the initial growth followed by a sharp contraction and regression in the depletion of families, cities and countries (the abolition of subsidies for the creation of solar energy in France is a beautiful example of this). It all started well enough, but the real point in this monetary system has run out of funds.

4. Countries in the empire can not prevent the poor, which made them system abroad to settle in their areas. The U.S. can not close the border with Mexico, while the European Alliance is unable to make an inexhaustible barriers to migration flows. Worse, when a country such as Libya can achieve of success and become a pole of immigration, breaking open its structure, thus creating conditions for the emergence of economic refugees in the future.

5. Combining politics and the economy, the empire itself often makes for difficulties. Although the embargo with which try to achieve change undesirable regimes, have proved to be ineffective (except for military uniforms, in other words the blockade), they continue to be used with admirable tenacity. Sanctions against Iran — a beautiful example of this. United States imposed an embargo on oil imports and forced the EU to follow suit. As a result, Iran has not only found new buyers (China, India), and refused the euro as a counterweight to the buck. The calculations are carried out in RMB or gold. In addition, if India will continue to take it as a suitable oil, and it can itself become the target of the embargo! The crazy logic of bankrupt countries th
at own blindness still driving themselves deeper into a financial hole when they themselves take their own trading partners. In other words, the question is not about globalization, and her working process. If India is trading with Brazil, it means, and it should be a place prepared in the blacklist? All of this is beyond comprehension.

6. South American army as before is very strong, but still is not what it was before. As in the time and the Russian army, she became a victim of the law of falling efficiency. The main source of pollution on the planet, it is required to maintain the huge lines of communication, emphasizing the huge number of bases around the world. Its power is unconditional, but we can not forget about the fragility of such a system. The war in Afghanistan in nearly all recalls Napoleon's Spanish campaign. The psyche of a fighter can not withstand the load, and they are turning into barbarism, killing women and children. But they know if they are still fighting for what? South American army is in a difficult situation in Iraq, and the problem of closing the Strait of Hormuz in the event of war with Iran looks insurmountable. In Pakistan, the military affairs of the Yankees and the local population are filled with hatred, while the supply of the expeditionary force in Afghanistan, absolutely depends on only one Pakistani roads and the northern route (it holds the key to Putin). It recalls battle at Dien Bien Phu, only worse and enormous proportions. If you add a South American naval exercises in the South China Sea (and the emergence of the British submarine in the Falkland Islands), you have the feeling that the empire has refused every kind of logic, increasing the already large number of provocations. All this is not a sign of strength, and confusion. It is imposed on all hard-hitting (for the Empire) concluded that the effectiveness of the war continues to decrease, despite increase in funds. The first war in Iraq and the conflict in Kosovo have shown an advantage of the vast U.S. military. The second war in Iraq was not so far away instant and efficient and took with them three millions of human lives. In Afghanistan, a South American army bogged down on the ears. During the conflict in Libya demonstrated offensive abilities were far before the era of Kosovo. The bombs had run out so quickly that the U.S. did not work to stay on the sidelines. With all of this costs of the war only continue to grow! In this regard, some will appear more and more tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons to the merits of the overwhelming advantages for the least cost. In the end, like any worthy of its own name Empire, our empire equips and trains local residents, intending to use them as a cheap and obedient infantry in future wars. Well, not so! Today's challenges in the fight against Somali pirates show that 3 or 4 of Somalia for the residual saturation of the imperial system of control. Making everyone believe in the myth of terrorism empire it raises the fictional monster, scattering throughout the modern instrument.

7. Union of the United States and Israel gives crack. Although the lobby who advocated the need to protect the undeniable Jewish state as before is very strong, as in the South American Congress, and in Europe, there is a movement and recycling. Military Pentagon does not want the latest war, the CIA is trying to advance to absolve themselves of any responsibility, claiming that the military in Iran's nuclear programs from there. U.S. sparked a revolution in facebook and twitter against the regimes of Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Mubarak and Assad, entered into an alliance with the so-referred to as the moderate Islamists. Who knew that not long ago in Egypt favorites legislature declare Israel the main opponent of the Arab civilization, to require that the government expelled the Israeli ambassador and the U.S. refuses to help! In Libya, a "moderate" Islamists are forced to eat dark green African flag. Not really not bad news for Bernard-Henri Levy and his ilk. The question is Libyan gold and oil. On all this can be a bit longer stand still. Decidedly, today pax americana devoid of true logic. So, can the Middle East and the South Caucasus to become the new Balkans, where there is another global war? No one in 1914 could not imagine a future for themselves the scale of disaster. Militant groups in the United States rely on a small victorious war against Iran, but entirely possible that they want to take for real.

8. Empire experiencing monetary and economic crisis, which it manages in real time controlled only by the depletion of the population and the start of the printing press. The crisis lasts from quarter to quarter and is becoming more serious. Alarmed by the situation the population does not know how to react to the anger of the new type. Heads of Government positions and deprived of substitute members of the large South American bank, while one of the senior managers of the bank, resigned with a crash, which leads to the idea of a brand-new crash. Exchange speculating on increasing profits and fixes on the decline. The presidential candidates take the time to swear allegiance to the City of London from the fear that the changes in the mood of the 1st of the rating agencies are just a few months to double the waste to service the debt. Countries are moving towards civilian war. In the United States formed militias, and the states for the earlier vote for the return of its sovereignty in the event of bankruptcy of the federal government. They say a second war for independence. Yankees looking for 30,000 drones, while the local police forces carried militarization. In the U.S. prison camp established in the event of possible complications. The country is becoming increasingly feel the pre-revolutionary atmosphere, while its armed forces are scattered around the world. The system was in an unstable position, which is fueling the temptation to solve the problem of war by internal strife and external strategic helplessness.

9. President Obama's personal qualities as before making way for all the new arguments. Some are convinced that it is even worse both Bushes, while others believe that he is trying as you can. They say that the president is being blackmailed information about birth certificates or hold under pressure Zionist lobbyists (an attack on Iran in exchange for re-election). Someone thinks that he was the victim of Nero's syndrome. Some say he has long become the candidate of the Anglo-American monetary system. There is a world view and that it tends to get second mandate to get even with Wall Street. Similarly, we do not understand, but that does not negate the fact that the candidate which made the world a leitmotif of the campaign is already fifth in a row war. Why not six? The opposition Republicans still combative him.

10. In the end, public opinion in Western countries now reign far not so peaceful mood as before 1914. The first violin in the media played by the press and television, which are often owned dealers tool. As we understand, in 1914, this pacifism is not able to resist the prepared plans and propaganda. "Women will fall on the rails to prevent the mobilization." "Workers of all countries do not support the war bonds." We know what brought these wonderful slogans. Public opinion is actually unable to stop the war, which leads to sad thoughts. One gets the feeling that we are moving towards a strategy for the creation of chaos method of deconstruction of countries (for control over the oil) and its maintenance by remote-controlled drones, despite the millions of deaths. As a result, a clash between who decided to put everything on the line to form around the empire and the Russian Federation group of massive nuclear weapon states who have decided to give her a fight back, it looks almost inevitable … Unless, of course, a miracle will happen, what may be, for example, self-contained election candidat
e Ron Paul ( recognizable enemy wars) or a rebellion in the United States, which would force the empire to urgently withdraw the troops. France's return to NATO's military forces it to be a spectator or a forced participant of the events, instead of playing an active role. If after six months poisonous clouds of nuclear explosions will lay a planetoid deadly veil, remember, who returned to France to NATO.

11. In France, the election will be held soon, and in this connection it is necessary to ask: what room for maneuver there is a voter? If France pronounce the "no" to the war, the empire will be in the same situation as in 2002 in Iraq: the Anglo-Saxons against the axis Paris-Moscow-Beijing (and partially Berlin). France is in the same position as the de Gaulle with Vietnam. The Clash of Civilizations and the import of the war in the metropolis have been avoided. Once Villpen and Aslino victims of 500 votes to withdraw from NATO they say the following candidates: Melanshon (Left Front), Marine Le Pen (National Front), Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Arise Republic), and, perhaps, Jacques Sheminad, Nathalie and Philippe Arto Putu. At the same time, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Francois Bayrou did not even stutter about leaving NATO. Vote for the 1st of these candidates means voluntarily become a hostage of Article 5 of the North Atlantic contract. At a voter from the French protectorate Euro-American empire virtually no power over their own destiny, but that does not mean that he is quite powerless. Two European countries (France and Italy) are already registered in their own constitutions that will never go to war against other nations. So, let them do their promises. Given that Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Malta and Ireland prefer to keep neutrality in Europe emerges a new block, a continental bloc of states that oppose the war. As a result, Anglo-American empire will be limited to the UK and a group of "Trojan donkey" of the U.S. from Eastern Europe, who will be the first eliminated in the process at least some of the conflict. So Makarov, will be not only get out of the undersigned for full EU inefficiency, and the trick to put the bandwagon all the forces of war and chaos, thus enabling once and for all the long-standing European debates. It may be that this is a utopia, but what else can we do?

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