Gorbachev will go under the Public Tribunal

Mikhail GorbachevIn Russian society still does not cease debate about the truth behind the events that the known definition given a few years ago, Vladimir Putin, was "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the XX century."

And the more time passes since the collapse of the USSR, the fewer people are willing to believe in the initially put forward by liberal reformers, populist version of the supposedly "colossus with feet of clay", which collapsed under the weight of its own problems — without any outside interference or deliberate destructive work internal forces. On the contrary, after years sober part of society more and more convinced that the removal of the world geopolitical scene of one of the two global centers of power was of rather a man-made, rather than spontaneous.

Especially a lot of questions is a historical figure and the role played in the events of 20 years ago, the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Well-known Russian political scientist, Dean of International Relations of the Diplomatic Academy, Igor Panarin, speaking at the Scientific Conference "Sorokin read" held on December 1, called the former president of the USSR "infernal main figures of the modern." According to Panarin, all the expansion, which was 90 years in Russia, was designed by Gorbachev. Therefore, I am convinced Panarin, "in 2011, to be held a public tribunal against Mikhail Gorbachev."

Igor Panarin KM.RU asked to tell why he initiated the Public Tribunal of Mikhail Gorbachev:

— I am glad that the majority of participants supported the initiative tribunal — though certainly not all. For example, one of the leaders of Belarus, sociological structures generally suggested a public tribunal of Gorbachev on Calvary at the Red Square and to invite representatives of all the former Soviet republics, now independent states. The hall was attended by several hundred people and the vast majority supported the idea. Let me remind you that 87% of the audience of my live broadcast on Finam FM radio station March 31, 2010 in a vote also supported the idea. This shows the level of public support.

In my view, Gorbachev, first of all, you need to put the blame in a number of circumstances. First — this is what he purposefully pursued a policy to destroy the country. Moreover, not only the Soviet Union. Because the latter was the legal successor of the Russian Empire. So, in fact, it strikes at the millennial history of our great state.

The second glaring fact is that the gold reserve of the USSR under Gorbachev in 6 years decreased by 11 times. For comparison, even the most rampant liberalism in the 1990s, when the country was in a difficult situation, the gold reserves increased by 1.5 times. Gorbachev's goal was to destroy the economic potential of the Soviet Union, to create economic difficulties — queues in shops, problems with food supply of large cities — and undermine the ruble as one of the strongest currencies. I remind you that our national currency then cost more than a dollar. In addition, she was filled with real gold content. Therefore Gorbachev first eliminated the economic base of the country, and then created the socio-economic difficulties and the environment in order to disintegrate over. Or here's another fact — for 6 years foreign debt increased by 5 times. That did not happen, not only in the history of Russia, but in general in any country of the world.

Finally, we should mention the unprecedented foreign concessions bordering on treason. This unification of Germany, and the 200-mile zone around the Bering Strait, and the destruction of missile complex "Oka". Indeed, the range of its action does not exceed 480 km, that is, it did not fall under the agreement on the destruction of intermediate-range missiles, which concerned only the means of delivery of a range in excess of 500 km. I recall that the range of the missile "Iskander" — the current equivalent of "Oka" — only 260 km. Thus, 20 years ago, was destroyed by a set that exceeds the existing ones. And it has no counterpart in any country of the world (including NATO). It was a blow to national security.

It must be noted that not only destroyed the rocket, but the morality and ethics. This happened in the media on the direct orders of the upper. Of course, Gorbachev was not the only one, but the same Yakovlev clearly acted on his instructions. They were friends. Moreover, it must be said that Yakovlev — a friend of the traitor General Kalugin, who officially condemned as a CIA agent. This "virus betrayal" submitted Kalugin in intelligence, unfortunately still present. And we see the action of betrayal of Russian intelligence in the system and this year.

Tribunal must find out the reasons why people who grew up in his native country, and then engaged in its destruction. To overcome the virus treason in high places.

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