Hail damaged more than a thousand hectares of farmland to KCR

Heavy rain and hail damaged more than thousands of hectares of crops, farms now Karachay-Cherkessia podchityvayut damage weather, established in the region for several days, according to RIA Novosti Head of Agricultural Mechanization Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic and Nicholas Pronoza.
"As a result of heavy rains and hail and squally winds damaged more than 1.5 thousand hectares of crops. Specifically, this sugar beet, spring crops and potatoes in four districts of the country — Khabezsky, Adyge-Hablskogo, Nogai and Prikubansky municipalities" — said Pronoza.
Now the farms affected by the bad weather is counting the damage is clear now that the crops in these areas is not completely destroyed, said the official.
According to him, the cyclone rains now farmers republic can not hold himpropolku and fertilize, late crops.

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