Hairy arms in the air


In the literature on UFO and paranormal phenomena are quite common in reports of strange hairy hands raised in the air and snapping, and finally releasing the person.

One such occasion occurred on the road in the swamps of Dartmoor in England. Mr. Hellboy, a doctor from Dartmoor-Recog, was driving his motorcycle in a wheelchair two children of the local deputy warden. It seemed that nothing unexpected could happen: the road was deserted, a collision with another vehicle is not threatened. Surprisingly, however, the doctor felt like someone invisible and terribly strong wheel motorcycle pulls out of his hands. He called kids, so they jump, the last effort to try to keep the motorcycle on the road.

Thanks to the courage Hellboy children were saved, but he was killed when the motorcycle overturned. The investigation of this case was short: all decided that the doctor was distracted for a moment, and it caused a drop in the ditch. True, there was this incident oddity: the children repeated,
that they have seen the terrible hairy arms without the body, which compresses the ill-fated motorcycle wheel, and those hands did not belong to Mr. Hellboy. But the police found that all the children imagined, especially because they have experienced severe emotional shock.

However, the strange hairy hands soon had to remember again: after a few weeks in the same place where he found his death Dr. Hellboy, overturned bus and killed seven people. The driver survived. Shocked by what had happened, he continually insisted that someone invisible was snatched from his hand drive …

A month later, in another English county of thirty woman ehavshaya by car on the road between the villages of Tu-Bridzhiz Postbridzh and suddenly realized that the car is defective, and shut off the engine. Step out of the car, she felt a terrible cold, and immediately saw a pair of very large, hairy hands, presses the windshield. Hands disappeared when the woman screamed in fear. After this terror machine started up and went without any problems.

Later she learned from newspaper reports that this stretch of road for the past few decades has a bad reputation. The first reports of unexplained problems with vehicles between the Tu-Bridzhiz and Postbridzhem appeared in the early XX century. In particular, one army officer claimed that the huge hands, covered with dark hair, kept for some time behind the wheel of his car.

Another dramatic case is that of the couple,, stood next to the infamous road to spend the night in a house-trailer. The woman woke up scratching incomprehensible outside the house. She got up to see what was happening, and saw a pair of giant, hairy hands, gradually moving the window to the bench where her husband was sleeping. The woman screamed, and his hands immediately disappeared.

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