Happy holiday and festive classic dishes

Holidays and traditional holiday dishes

Although some prazdnichek we associate with a feast and festive table. If each day housewives cook everyday meals that are prepared to prazdnichek — unique.

Each civilization has its prazdnichkom and culinary traditions. In this case, each country makes it different and special. After all, modern people are not much cause for joy and get pleasure from life.

Cake — this is the main decoration on a table at a wedding ceremony or days of birth. Cake in the restaurant — it is a signal to that culminating in the celebration of transition phase. Cakes can be installed on special podstolya for tables that will look truly beautiful.

Cake — It is not just a dessert, and the mood prazdnichka who hunt to share with all. Wedding cake — it's a sign of strong domestic happiness for the newlyweds.

With davneshnih times to the present, bake pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. After all, pancake represents the sun. Such a catchy and round. And not just any pancakes baked: maturing on Opare, with a variety of full sun, and served with jam, sour cream, honey, and caviar.

As before, so at this point lead dances with stuffed animals, and then burn it, and regale pancakes. Generally Carnival — is one of the most joyous prazdnichkom.

At Easter egg dye accepted, oven cakes and cheese making Easter. Any owner is doing it my way. The eggs are dyed or natural food dyes: birch leaves or onion skins. Each lady has her own recipe for cake and curd Easter.

A lover of all such prazdnichek, as the New Year is complete without champagne and mandarin oranges. It has since remained with the Russian tradition. New Year table every family is not complete without the usual dishes: salad "Olivier", jellied fish aspic. This is already considered a classic, and many do not depart from it not to move. Only every year adds all new dishes, salads, snacks and much more. Many people have already formed a ritual. December 31 they usually sit at the covered table and after the greetings of the President of the chime of bells congratulate each other.

Many of you have tried such a lovely and unusual rolls "Larks". All the same, why they are sold in shops and bakeries only one day of the year? They are baked on prazdnichek "Magpies". This vernal prazdnichek. Larks symbolize the coming of spring. Earlier in the "larks" put coins and baked. Who will find the coin, and he will sow the first handful of grains.

Each prazdnichek bad food and their solemn feasts, traditions and customs. The main thing is not delayed meal or a bad mood.

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