Happy holiday in the army

Holidays in the ArmyArmy — Is not only a drill, shtudirovanie statutes and combat duty. Army — Is a public reservoir, which has the typical cultural features and traditions. Virtually every element of the public exposed to specific interpretation here, which is not always clear to those who have never encountered a military life.

A special unit of army life — it prazdnichkom. The soldiers expect prazdnichkom quite expected because of their "in the civilian world." Army prazdnichek has its own characteristics. Almost always pre expectations associated with the dining room. Many hunt to behold gala table to be "laden with" such dishes which fighters dream. Dishes ordinary, but coupled with the fact if they appear on the soldier's desk, it can lead to ecstasy fighters conscripts. More meat and sweets — that actually want a dinner for at least some fighters.

Now for the grand design of the table in the canteens have even more abilities than it was even 10-15 years ago. Increased funding allows commanders in fact amuse personnel conscripts. If New Year's Eve before the soldiers often had to organize themselves, often very specific way, but now in most parts of Christmas trees is initiated by the command with the active support of the deputies to work with the staff and with positive feelings on the part of fighter. The main thing is prazdnichek prazdnichkom remained even in the military criteria.

Of course, not every fighter can take part in the general celebration, for combat duty at this point can not be abolished, because in this area there are also frustrated. But the service is service and absolutely set yourself up for a celebration such as New Year, forgetting about their own specific military commitments unrealistic.

In almost all foreign armies have a tradition where the huge prazdnichkom fighter-conscripts released for a number of days on holiday to visit with relatives. In Russia, it may not always be due to a number of circumstances: large areas and shortened life span. From time to time, even the soldiers did not want to take a vacation, so early after demobilize.

Not a bad tradition came soon, when the star of television and pop decide to visit military units in the days of the solemn and amuse the soldiers and officers with their creativity. No gifts in this case, the costs occasionally. It is necessary to hope that this tradition will be maintained in the future.

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