How should NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk for the people?

How should NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk for the people?Once again a lot of fuss about that Ulyanovsk can be a place for the appearance of the map of Russia NATO transit point for transit transfer of so-called "non-lethal" supplies to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan. On his page on a social networking Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said immediately that the Russians no panic about it was not satisfied and did not even think to call Ulyanovsk new NATO military base.

Rogozin said that the event is purely commercial in nature, and that in Ulyanovsk will be transported only "mineral water, towels, tents, etc." Like, why contrive controversy about the appearance of a military base, if it is obvious that the most terrible things that go through our territory, will the American toilets. Russia's Defense Ministry says that NATO's "non-fatal" transit will bring significant revenue to the treasury of the Ulyanovsk region. In an official letter to Defense Minister Serdyukov said that Russia should continue its partnership with the U.S. and NATO to provide a corridor for transporting goods to Afghanistan as well as back. Serdyukov assured that all goods awaits thorough customs inspection, so people should not be concerned about the possible transit of drugs and weapons through the territory of the Russian Federation.

If guided Rogozin and Serdyukov, the Russians must accept the decision of the NATO air and ground transit through Russian territory, if not as manna from heaven, then something is very, very economically and politically advantageous. From the lips of many members, and ordinary citizens who support this campaign, you can hear the words that the NATO cargo, he says, and used to go through our territory, so stupid today to arrange a tantrum about the new arrangements for the transit through the Ulyanovsk.

However, no hysteria hold no one is going. Is the usual consideration of facts from which to trying to distance itself as much as necessary, but the fact is, unfortunately, does not change.

Yes — we are of course aware that the goods will be exclusively peaceful (toilet paper, napkins, plastic bags, etc.), but does this have anything to do with the price issue. And the price question clearly than ever: it is a question of concessions from Russia North Atlantic Alliance at a time when the Alliance itself a blind eye to any concerns expressed by Russia in his address. Any claim to NATO is perceived not only as a manifestation of biased aggression from Moscow, and, moreover, any attempt at dialogue is important for Russia, nipped in the bud. But the process that is so necessary for the alliance, we are trying to present as our absolute foreign policy and economic success.

And it is very naive to think that an infusion of funds transferred from the budget of the NATO budget of the Ulyanovsk region, will somehow improve the lives of local people. Of course, we will not argue that the pockets of some of the federal and regional officials from the "transit campaign" clearly potolsteyut, but that's normal with pockets Ulyanovsk things will be very different. When we have in the country say that a large-scale project will inject life-giving force in the economy, with all due respect to people who persevere this thesis, we do not forget that there is such a word as "corruption". And this is the corruption can even from composting toilets with napkins and tents make a great way to promote a purely corporate, if not self-interest.

By the way, let's not forget the fact that Mr. Serdyukov to control the transit of goods from Afghanistan and back, plans to attract not only the Russian customs, and special services. This is, excuse me, why attract more and FSB and other agencies, if by rail to the side of the Baltic states and back in Ulyanovsk will ship rolls of soft toilet paper for the causal locations of NATO troops. It turns out that even the Anatoly Serdyukov did not rule out that the transit through Russia can take part, and other "non-lethal" goods which may be a strange way to settle in the Ulyanovsk region, and then retire to the country. If the minister wants to control loads was 100%, it will have on every meter of land adjacent to the railroad tracks, put security services — note, honest and incorruptible security services, who by his seeing eye will vigilantly monitor the land transit .

Recall that the law on NATO cargo transit through Russia was adopted in February 2011. And this law is passed very smoothly, without any sharp and critical comments from the Duma lawmakers. Now let's imagine a similar vote in the U.S. Congress, if suddenly asked Russia corridor for their goods through the territory of the United States of America. Yes, any congressman who voted "yes", would expect a real social and political obstruction.

Just a thing, which is called a sense of pride for the country, and in this particular case, pride in country is far away, far away.

At the same time, it is worth recalling that the transit of NATO cargoes through the territory of Uzbekistan refused, saying that showing concern over the possibility of settling in the country of Afghan drugs and weapons to the militia leaders. Should I take this concern for a lack of information on the composition of goods and for excessive suspiciousness. Uzbek leadership has shown that there are things that are higher than an irresistible desire to make money. It seems that in our country, certain groups have a different opinion.

And when they say that this is not about NATO military base near Ulyanovsk, but a transit point, it looks like it's too weird. Well, imagine if we still have that, they say, yes — you're right, and it will be a real NATO base in Russia. Then, even the phrase "discrediting the interests of the Russian people" would look quite soft. Although, if we had time in the country, when the opinion of the people someone to listen. Except that during the race, so the race, like, over …

To put it bluntly, really do not want to think that hard again mercantile interests above the interests of the state and national. And if officials and talk about a solid profit in the regional coffers, then we must require to report on every ruble, received the regional budget and departmental budgets. Transparency, as they say, should be transparent …

Let's hope that Russia will be able to summon some dividends for yourself after such a luxurious gift for NATO from its side.

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