How to call his double

Counterpart is in each person. Just not everyone experienced this, and does not attach importance. People who are not interested and engaged in parapsychology have little confidence in the fact that a link between the twins. To get there, where there is this man, you need through the astral plane, but since most people do not know how to do it, did not meet with their counterparts. To be assertive and a lot of training, you can meet with an astral double. After you can and ask for her help, which you need at this time. Before you call your double, you need to prepare.

Where to start and how to call his double.

The people are of the opinion that you can call if you get a rite. To do this, you must do the following: it is necessary to face the north, close your eyes and lift your hands up and say — "Dream or granos." After you open your eyes. Then you sit down on his haunches and say the following words — "My Twin, announce, give of yourself sign. Hold me in your activities, insure, help me. " Answer your twin can in many ways — it can be a knock at the door, something fell off the table, a rustle, tap, rattle or squeak. After that, you have to say — "Do Granos." To contact you can go with his double and night and day. Tip: Avoid contact with his double on 13 and 17 numbers.

If you need help for yourself or for your loved one, astral double to help you. He will help you out in a difficult moment. For that, you should do the following: go out and turn your face in the direction you need to go twins and said the following words — "Nord September dignity. My counterpart, fly (specify a location where we wish to send it.) Will provide assistance (say the name of the person to whom must fly and double problem
, assistance is needed.) Be a true friend and ambassador. "

Astral double calls another method
— Is the session of spiritualism. Take Whatman and draw the alphabet on it, but only in circles. On either side stand with candles. Draw an arrow on the saucer. Saucer heated over the flame of a candle, and put in the center of a circle of candles. Lay hands on him and say your name and say, "Come." You will feel strange and not very pleasant feeling in the solar plexus. If you have someone else, they can ask questions. And you will respond to them, pointing to the letters of the alphabet.

Author: Irina Bykova

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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