How to celebrate the New Year according to Feng Shui?


"Change the world around you smile and happiness" — says one of the principles of feng shui. That the house was plenty — we put the money trees, came to love — romantic hang pictures, decorate the tree and look for a place for Santa Claus, too, need based feng shui. Then the next one, in 2009, and will bring you the money, love and health. As we prepare for the New Year, we bring into the house of the tree, hang the lights and put candles, we change the feng shui of his apartment. To change public holidays in the interior have brought positive results in the coming year 2009 our lives a happy life, it is necessary to observe some rules.

Free the road to good
The positive energy is coming in through the windows and doors. To her way of obstacles have arisen before the holiday is to disassemble the debris in the hallway. Try to decorate the hall light, the electric lights. Freeing input, start clearing the rest of the floor space. No regrets to part with the old stuff, throw out unwanted and broken things, clothes that have long been gathering dust on the shelves — along with them will go out of the house of illness, care, and sorrow.

Christmas tree — to the east
To find the correct location for the main character of holidays have to arm themselves with a compass. Like it or not, but without a feng shui can not deal with, the objects must be placed in specific points of the compass. This year, experts advise to put the teachings of the ancient forest beauty on the east or north-western sectors of the apartment.

Our country has always valued the real fir — fresh that carry the apartment fairy forest scent. In Feng Shui, on the contrary, more than welcomed the artificial character of the New Year. It is believed that, after the "cut down our Christmas tree", it becomes dead and begins to release into the environment negative energy. To minimize the damage, try to get rid of the tree, as soon as the needles begin to crumble.

Strengthen health … fish
If you listen to our advice and will place a Christmas tree in the eastern sector, know that he is responsible for the health. As jewelery is better choose toys with "water" theme: fish, sea horses, blue and blue balls.

If herringbone was on the north-west, decorate it with white, gray, yellow, silver and gold balls — so you vnesesh some metal, which helps in the works. If you have the habit to bring Christmas toys and small gifts of long-distance travel, be sure to hang them on the forest beauty: they hold the energy of wandering, so to help you break new ground in the coming year. To attract good luck to decorate the Christmas tree bells and horseshoes. If you hang on the green beauty of small figurines of angels, she will turn into a real tree desires. But the main toy that must be present on the tree — a symbol of the coming year.

Santa Claus — New Year is another important character, a must have for decorating the apartment. Just know — it can not be left alone with him unusual and should be the Snow Maiden, a pair of objects activate the zone of love and marriage, providing us with a well-being in these areas.

Rich table
New Year's table is better to choose an oval or round shape. If you only have a rectangular, be sure to drape a cloth sharp corners. As for serving and holiday meals, here is to focus on abundance. Do not need to score table "eyeballs" expensive products. Quite a few of culinary delights and one or two expensive drinks that provide symbolic prosperity at home. Dishes use the most expensive and better — no need to spare the delicate chic set, which is on the shelf for five years.

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