Hubble Space Telescope spotted an unidentified object


Astrophysical Journal published the results of a study conducted by The Supernova Cosmology Project. Initially, it was dedicated to supernovae, but in the course of the researchers using space telescope "Hubble" in the constellation Bootes at a distance of 8.2 billion light-noticed a strange space object with cyclically varying brightness.

This event occurred when the researchers studied a remote galaxy cluster CL 1432.5 +3332.8. The next three months of the object became brighter, reaching the brightness of the 21st magnitude. Then the brightness of the outer body down to 26th magnitude, ie brightness of the object has changed 120 times.

Perhaps the Supernova Cosmology Project participants have discovered a new class of cosmic objects, as the behavior of the cosmic body is not typical for any of the known types of supernovae. Scientists have observed unusual spectrum of three bodies, they do not coincide with any of spectra database Sloan Digital Sky Survey, consequently, the object is outside of any of the known science galaxies.

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