Hungary has established unprecedented heat

MOSCOW, July 8 — RIA Novosti. Hungarian authorities have warned residents of the country from long exposure to the sun due to the unprecedented heat, said on Friday AFP referring to the head of the National Service of Health Judith Paller (Judit Paller).

According to the service, established in the country the heat will continue until Monday, and the temperature may exceed 36 degrees Celsius.

"The average temperature is 25-27 degrees higher than typical for this time of year, and we are asking people not exposed to sun from 11.00 to 15.00 in the four days (Friday-Monday)" — leads the agency the words Paller.

According to them, the highest temperature readings will be observed in the south. The temperature on the largest lake in Europe — Balaton — has already reached 23 degrees.

The head of the National Health Service of Hungary also noted that established in the country is extremely hot weather can cause increased mortality and worsening of chronic diseases.

© RIA Novosti. Marina Sardanashvily

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