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The U.S. military has uncovered the mystery of the UFO

In early April, the newspaper The Los Angeles Times published an interview with American veterans who worked in a top-secret Area 51 in Nevada. They said that sightings of UFOs over the Americas and other countries in the 1960s was not associated with the activity of representatives of other civilizations, and with the testing of samples of secret military aircraft being designed in the interest of the CIA and the Pentagon. The existence of the object at Groom Lake, had time to grow a legend and rumor has long been known. The opportunity to tell about it appeared relatively recently, since only in 2007, the CIA declassified the program A-12 aircraft, codenamed OXCART.


A-12 OXCART. Illustration Dru Blair from the official website of the CIA.

The development of this aircraft, Lockheed Martin Corporation began in the late 1950s, in the interests of the CIA. Around the same time, May 1, 1960, near Sverdlovsk calculation of S-75 was shot down another U.S. secret device — high-altitude spy plane U-2 piloted by Francis Powers. After that, the program U-2 actually ceased to be a secret, and A-12 was positioned as a superior alternative, capable of withstanding the radar and air defense systems likely opponent. Tests of both aircraft were in the so-called Area 51.

In 1962, the first OXCART, resembled not so much a conventional aircraft and a flying saucer, was taken to the Groom Lake area, where he performed a test flight. After a year as a result of the use of advanced engine testers managed to reach a speed of more than three times than the speed of sound. 87-year-old retired Colonel Hugh Slater, who in those years was the commander of the air base in Area 51, convinced that it was a reconnaissance aircraft A-12 Americans were considered as an unidentified flying object.

The reasons for this, according to him, there were many. In particular, outside fixed by its very shape aircraft was made of titanium materials and reflected rays so that it is quite possible to be taken for terrestrial origin. A-12 was also able to develop the unthinkable at the time the speed and actually moving at a speed of a bullet.


A-12 OXCART. Photo from planesandchoppers.com

March 24, 1963 OXCART, who was at the helm of the now 80-year-old veteran, a former CIA test pilot Kenneth Collins, crashed in Utah, but the pilot managed to successfully eject. Collins and were nearby wreckage spotted three locals who offered to deliver the car to the driver at the accident site. Up to this point, no civilian, who had no special access to state secrets not seen OXCART, and the pilot was able to convince volunteers that approach it is dangerous, because the aircraft is equipped with nuclear weapons.

Pilot words seemed plausible, since at the time in Nevada really testing nuclear weapons. In the end, Collins was taken to the nearest road and passed a police patrol. The CIA, in turn, has managed to hide from the public details of the crash, presenting it as a wreck bomber F-105 Thunderchief. These parts are still listed in the official documents of the incident.

Staff Intelligence subsequently found the locals who witnessed the crash, and forced them to sign a non-disclosure of state secrets. Collins himself had to endure a humiliating procedure that he can not forget, and after 46 years. CIA agents have stuck to it the so-called "truth serum" and interrogated to find out what really could be the cause of the accident. After this pilot, whose state is reminiscent of intoxication on the same machine it delivered to the house, inside and have handed over the keys of the car to his wife, without comment. At first glance it might seem that Collins simply "went through too much."


Photo of the military facility near Groom Lake. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Flying A-12 OXCART actually lasted until 1968, when the CIA refused to further work on this project. In this case, five of the 13 aircraft built were lost as a result of crashes. According to Hugh Slater, only during his service at the air base in the Area 51 machine managed to swoop 2850 hours. At the same time, he said, the region has been noted many facts of UFO sightings.

Among the witnesses were many such cases the pilots of civil aircraft, which are usually passed on this information to the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency. All of them subsequently given a receipt for non-disclosure of state secrets, but, according to Slater, often could not keep his mouth shut. It kind of gave rise to rumors of links with the mysterious aliens Zone 51.

In his short career in the service of America A-12 OXCART managed to participate in combat operations, though, seems to be fully entrusted to him expectations were not met. Initially, according to the press, the Americans were planning to use it for scouting the territory of the USSR and Cuba, but after several incidents of destruction of reconnaissance planes U-2 Soviet air defense forces abandoned the idea. However, in 1967 the military OXCART used to study air defense system on the territory of Vietnam during the invasion of this country, and in 1968 during the capture of North Korean ship "Pueblo".

Some sources claim that the A-12 aircraft have been able to quietly intrude into the airspace of the Soviet Union, China and Cuba. However, official confirmation of these facts is not.

It is interesting that, in the words of another veteran, engineer Thornton Barnes, also agreed to an interview with The Los Angeles Times, the development of secret aircraft type A-12 designers happily using foreign technology, including the copied from the Soviet aircraft, "MiG". But unlike the U.S. secret apparatuses A-12, "MiGs" were not made in the form of flying saucers.


SR-71 Blackbird. Photo from www.visitingdc.com

However, the top-secret American plane has spawned a series of other projects. In particular, it is based Lockheed Martin has developed a strategic spy plane SR-71, received the unofficial nickname Blackbird. There were built 32 of these machines, which until 1998 was officially remained in service with the U.S. Air Force and NASA. 12 of them were lost due to accidents.

Maximum height of horizontal flight SR-71 is more than 26 miles away, and he also was able to move at a rate three times the speed of sound. In 1976, the aircraft set an absolute speed record, which is said to have not been beaten so far — 3529.56 kilometers per hour.

Another child of a program is the UAV D-21, which was used as a support element for another project — plane M-21 — and used in the most difficult and dangerous operations. D-21 was equipped with a camera, after which the task to a pre-programmed station was reset to its territory.

The letters "D" and "M" in the names of drone aircraft and explain their roles. "D" is derived from the English word "daughter" ("daughter"), and "M" — the word "mother" ("mother"). In contrast to the A-12, M-21 aircraft was a double, and the role of the operator "subsidiary" of this machine was to serve as "launch control officer." But the main difficulty was to launch drone D-21, since the gap between the ends of the cantilevers D-21 and the upper edge of the keels M-21 was only 15 centimeters, and start-up could result in damage to the "mother" of the aircraft.


M-21/D-21. Photo from www.airliners.net

The first successful launch drone on board the M-21 was able to produce in March 1966. D-21, according to eyewitnesses, "hover" over the rear of the plane for a few seconds, but the crew of this short period of time seemed to "two hours." Engineer Kelly Johnson, the chief designer of the project, admitted afterwards that it was the most dangerous test in which he had participated in all the time of their work in the aircraft industry.

Two more test launches drones in the year ended in success, but in July, a similar attempt at the speed of sound 3.25 resulted in the destruction of both devices — the aircraft and UAVs. In addition, as a result of the disaster killed a second crew member, who, like the pilot, splashed down in the ocean, but later died from his injuries. Video of the incident today placed on service You Tube. Thereafter developers abandoned sharing D-21 and M-21.

However, the designers have modified an unmanned aerial vehicle for use on the strategic bombers B-52 Stratofortress. He was named D-21B, although the version of the D-21A never existed. D-21B not only participated in the trials, but also used in combat operations.

Disappeared during one of the triggers D-21B, is said to have fallen in Siberia, and even Soviet engineers set out to create on its basis a similar pattern. But this program has not yet developed. D-21 themselves, however, can also be seen only as an exhibit, as well as one of two surviving M-21.

Failed to develop and design a fighter-interceptor YF-12 — another brainchild of A-12, it is proposed as an alternative to closed at the same time the project XF-108 Rapier for the U.S. Air Force.

Recognition of American veterans, which led to participate in this unique project today are of interest not only for people interested in aviation, but also for ufologists, continues to prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial believers in the interest of civilization to our planet. But if for the first recognition of this will be another occasion for a more detailed study of the declassified U.S. programs, the second, more likely, just disappointed.

However, treated with full confidence in the words of American veterans, maybe not worth it. Who knows what other secrets secret Area 51?

Andrei Fedorov

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