Illusive goal of electric tools

Ghostly purpose electromagnetic weaponsPerhaps no one kind of weapon is not the cause of such discussions as a tool electric. In the world there are even two camps that this term suggests a variety of objects. Representatives of the first convinced that the electric gun has great development potential and capacity, may be superior power of nuclear weapons. Representatives of the second claim of electric tools do not make Hollywood fantastic story — a tool certainly promising, but is not able to de-energize the entire city grid and immobilize military base.

Academic Forts identify themselves to the first camp and argues that the present electrical instrument already exists. In his view, specifically for electric instrument future, because it is capable of disabling the electronics on bolshennom distance from the point of emission. Academician himself inclined to attribute the electric tool for strategic because it is able to exert an active influence in the harsh operation. Vladimir Forts sees the direction of the electric tools a 2-core areas. First direction is associated with microelectronics. Modern man does not think of his own existence without mobile devices. Modernization of the army also involves equipping the troops-art microelectronic sensors, guidance systems and tracking tools. You can imagine for yourself what will happen if using an electric pulse of the preventive system will display the guidance system of modern bombers or missiles off its global positioning system.

Second direction, according to Vladimir Fortov, lies in the development of huge capacity, made in a very limited scope. Nor one of currently available filters are not able to block a powerful impetus, a billion-watt values which will be able to deliver virtually unsolvable puzzle to modern energy.

The words of Academician can be taken as fiction and connect with superfluous played out a fantasy, but for example, here the situation is entirely appropriate that appeared in the world just before the outbreak of a nuclear weapon. At that time the world had a lot of people who laugh at the fact raised the likely existence of a nuclear bomb, destroying all life within a radius of several kilometers around. But Hiroshima was the soft-spoken confirming lethal power of "non-peaceful" atom.

Proponents of more convicts views on the electrical tool they say that its only real strength lies in giving by magnetic fields from the original rate of live ammunition. In this case, the electric gun is a nominee to the principles of firearms. One example of this kind of instrument is the so-called Gauss. This gun is a system consisting of a series of coils that attach to a rectangular base, of the power supply capable of delivering massive short pulses, also from switching unit coils in the alternate mode. Battery charging capacitor to a certain value of the potential difference. Shot himself — there is discharge of the capacitors on the coil windings. The mechanism of operation is based on Gauss Retracting the internal volume of the core coil while passing a constant current through the coil. To enhance the "lethal" force Gauss surface coil magnetic circuit is established. To increase the current in the coil is not slowed down, its winding should be made of a fairly large section of the wire. The destructive effect of this kind of electric instrument is chosen according to the electric capacity of the capacitors. Certainly, the power of such weapons is not considered as a competitive power of a nuclear weapon.

But time passes. Already, there are experimental design, which suggests that at the highest level of insulation, electrical tool able to apply a very palpable hit on enemy forces. It must be said that the size of such instruments to be impressed. In this case, the main issue is the question about the option of a very efficient implementation of electric tools. Power systems available today such type («Silent Guardian» and Russian "Satchel") does not exceed the 1st gigawatts, but they allow you to create a narrow radiation pattern. First scenario specifically associated with highly directional electric research, when the flow of electrons has monochastotoy providing defeat the purpose. 2nd — associated with the sources of direct conversion, which may be even the smallest size, and exude pulses with more energy.

It would seem that the dignity of the second choices are obvious, but scientists are not in a hurry to run across to the work of building electric tools based on direct conversion. This is due to the fact that this instrument is capable of causing a breakdown in the electronic media distribution. It turns out that while such a path leads to a dead end, because the output will not massive electric weapon capable of hitting targets, and the device that causes the glow of air — a lot of money for the fireworks.

Despite the fact that representatives of the 2-camps of scientists tend to build up in the electrical weapon seemingly different objects, there is a crossing of the actual views. This crossing is currently available weapons of the type described, as in variants of its implementation.

In the world there are some evidences of the introduction of electric instruments. One of the resounding themselves — air attack U.S. troops on television center in Baghdad. United States Air Force used the unusual controlled bomb weighing 2.5 tons, curb vircators (a group of microwave devices with a great big charge). Once implemented, Iraqi television could not broadcast about an hour. Other evidence — the shedding of Iraqi air defense missiles "Tomahawk" with the same vircators. In this case not possible to evaluate the real role of the electric instrument, because at the same time in a same working VOP objects and others (conventional) type missiles. These certificates are not unique, but, as can be seen in terms of trying to use ECMO portrayed so far only the United States.

Promising introduction of electric instruments for the oppression and active protection of modern tanks. One directional momentum — and a modern machine converted into an unprotected railway toy, which can be destroyed by conventional means. With all of this tank like no matter what other modern military machine, not only is vulnerable, and at the time kutsee loses the ability to fight back. In this regard, the development of electric instruments can be called one of the priority tasks for the modern military scientists. If such a development is fully earn in any one country, it became loose balance of military power on the planet. It's hard to imagine being that can occur if the creation of a massive development of electric guns fall into the hands of the representatives of terrorist networks.

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