In anticipation of foreign loans

Tomorrow will be treated in Kiev application for Belarus stabilization loan size of $ 3 billion of the Anti-Crisis Fund (ACF) of the Community. In the Fund expects a positive decision.

Kiev was to address the issue of the loan Belarus chosen because in the first half of the day there will be the fifth session of the meeting of finance ministers of the CIS. In the second half of the day will meet the Council of the EurAsEC ACF, consisting of the same ministers.

The representative of the Department of Public Relations of the fund Maxim Savitsky said, "Freedom", that the agenda of the meeting, several questions, including about credits Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, but the main thing — the issue of crisis lending to Belarus to $ 3 billion over three years:

"There will be decided in the specific things. I understand that the matter has already been fundamentally resolved, and the Foundation Board will take a formal decision, including the parameters — which will be a grace period, the loan is to be distributed over the years and so on . "

According to Savitsky, the terms of the loan with ACF EAEC — market, but provide a large "interest free period" and a longer repayment period — 10-15 years.

Expert advice to fund tomorrow's meeting will prepare an opinion on the Belarusian government's reform program, developed under this loan. According to official information the fund, the program "provides for the adoption of effective measures to ensure a balance of economy and foreign exchange market", and also includes "steps to privatize state-owned enterprises."

Sawicki"I can say that there are enough well-crafted Belarusian government proposals related to economic reforms, the changes in policy that, in fact, form the basis of the agreements, including the allocation of funds."

Minsk economist Sergei Chaly skeptical of this program of reform of the Belarusian government:

"This program, which was written 10 days to 6 pages, solve the problems of our economy. This is a sham thing. It is clear that Russia was not nearly need a program of reforming our economy. She needs 5 of our fixed assets — and everything. "

It is clear that Russia was not nearly need a program of reforming our economy. She needs 5 of our fixed assets — and all.

Sergei Chaly believes that Belarus will receive a credit of the EurAsEC, the first tranche of which is in This year, amount to $ 800 million, but that money will not solve anything, except for increases in external debt and strengthen the bargaining position of Russia, which is in the fund the casting vote.

The former chairman of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich also convinced that the credit of the EurAsEC Belarus will receive:

"I more than confident that Russia will not agree to a sharp deterioration of relations with Lukashenka's regime. Will bargaining agree on acceptable terms. "

But this loan to support the Belarusian economy is small, says Bogdanovich, so the government and applied for a loan from the International Monetary Fund. How to react to this Fund?

"I think that will react positively, provided that the Belarusian authorities will behave civilized. Controlling stake in the IMF owned by the U.S., EU, Japan, Canada — 60 per cent. And I believe that Myasnikovich and head vertically understand that to get the real resources necessary political liberalization, no less than the economic. "

Stanislav Bogdanovich believes that Belarus is better to borrow from the IMF than in the EEC, not to get into the Russian bondage and loss of sovereignty.

According to the economist Sergei Chaly, the IMF's decision on the Belarusian loan application may not be until the autumn.


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