In Belynichi activist KGB officers searched for money

At the apartment Belynichi activist Nikolai Metelitsa KGB officers searched. It lasted over an hour. As activist said the committee members came to work for him. Said that if he refused to go with them, they use force against him.

The search was conducted as part of the investigation criminal case the riots in Minsk on December 19-20.

Blizzard"KGB officers carry out a search and Bryl Kuzmenkov. Two witnesses they brought with them. Took away a computer system, 5 flash cards. Long fingered propaganda paraphernalia Neklyaeva, his books — but decided not to take it. The decision of the search was the phrase that I supposedly be a large sum of money. "

During the campaign, Nicholas Snowstorm member of the initiative group was Vladimir Neklyaeva. Organized and conducted in district campaign activities presidential candidate. Collected signatures in his support.

Mogilev region today except Metelitsa Nikolai searches were held in apartments chairman of the regional organization Dmitry Solovyov and Bobruisk Coordinator Staff Neklyaeva Helena Medvedev. December 13 was searched at the trustee Neklyaeva, Mogilev activist Igor Kovalenko.

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