In Canada and the U.S. snowfall, and abnormal cold in Alaska

This past weekend, Canada was attacked by a series of Pacific cyclones, which brought heavy rainfall. In the Great Lakes — Heavy snowfall in some places fell to 62 mm. In the zone of influence of cyclones was and northwest U.S., here rainfall was 64 mm.

As we move cyclones, snow cover area and the north-east of the New World.

In the rear of a cyclone, Alaska burst icy air, and night frosts increased to -50 degrees, which will stay there until February 2.


"Unexpected" snowfall in the U.S. has led to massive traffic accident

American drivers in no hurry to change shoes in the winter wheels. It does not matter that the court already the middle of winter. Anyway tomorrow or snow melt, or it will be removed.

News channel "24"

Heavy snowfall in New York State

More than 80 centimeters of snow fell unexpectedly in the middle of New York on Monday. Local authorities have declared a state of emergency, according to Associated Press.


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