In Canada, the largest flood in 150 years

Quebec, Canada suffered the disaster. The region is the biggest in 150 years flood. To help those affected people of the province have already arrived military units. Meanwhile, forecasters did not predict improvement. In the region in the coming days will go heavy dozhdi.Epitsentr disaster is in the town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which is located south of Montreal. The flood is the flood affected about 3 million homes.

The authorities called for help from the military. The nearest base Valkarte already arrived 500 troops. Besides from Montreal to help local people gathered together 100 reservists. Of the flood-affected areas is under evacuation of residents.

As the findings of the Ministry of Environment Canada, the current flood is the biggest in the history of the region over the past 150 years. In April floods
observed in the prairies of Canada.

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