In Colombia — a new wave of heavy rains


Rivers overflow their banks and mudslides demolished entire villages. On the Atlantic coast was flooded the entire city. Under the water, all the first floor and basement. On the road — traffic jams, the machine was sight. They are trying to get by cables and winches. In the north-east of the country is flooded most of the fields. Farmers do not know how to save the harvest and what to do with houses in which to live longer.


Heavy rains there — is not uncommon, but that so long and so much — that, say local meteorologists first time in its history. Rainfall in the region do not cease from November of last year. Flood victims have already paid compensation to $ 250 million.

The devastating floods in Colombia


May 16.Severe flooding in Colombia left homeless hundreds of thousands of people.

In the north-east of the country flooded entire neighborhoods.

This year's rainy season has become one of the most destructive in history. Meteorological forecasts are not encouraging.

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