In court on life that is blocking access to opposition Web sites

Mackiewicz human rights activist Oleg Borisov hopes by the court to find out why the JSC "BeST" blocking access to opposition Web sites.

As a human rights activist said, in mid-April, he found that the 3G life blocking access to some opposition websites. Attempts to find out the reason for the lock operator to nothing lead.

Head of Customer Service life ;) Mrs. Tchaikovsky Oleg Matskevich tried to explain that access to the site is blocked by said they did not because "the operator undertakes to provide communication services in accordance with the selected tariff plan" and someone else.

Dissatisfied with this answer activist decided to prepare a statement to the court at the CJSC "BeST" and already there to find out where "grow legs", said the movement "For Freedom."

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