In difficult weather conditions to keep the pace of construction of the cosmodrome East

Because of the monsoon rains Amur region for more than two weeks of living in emergency mode. On August 7-8 in declared a storm warning, but despite the difficulties encountered, never for a moment stopped construction of the cosmodrome. Heavy rains complicate the work of builders — daily should eliminate rinsing and landslides, develop Drains. For pumping rainwater around the clock using submersible pumps, vacuum pumps and machines.

Despite difficult weather conditions, construction work on the main spaceport facility of Technology — Launch pad — are conducted continuously.  

At the moment at the launch pad carrier rocket "Soyuz-2" concreted hard layer and most of the walls of the 5th floor of block "B" of the launch facility, accepted and laid 2,600 cubic meters of concrete. Works are carried out in two shifts at the facility involved about 200 people. During pouring concrete in a continuous mode worked 2 concrete pumps, mixers, 8 car, 4 car, and 1 tower crane.

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