In Egypt, found the mummy of a female pharaoh


Archaeologists have discovered a part of the mummies, which presumably belong faraonshe that ruled Egypt 4,300 years ago. As announced renowned Egyptologist and historian Dr. Zahi Hawass, recently discovered pyramid in Saqqara, scientists have found the body of Queen Seshestet.

She was the mother of Teti, the founder of the sixth dynasty of pharaohs of Egypt.

Inscription with the name of the researchers found, however, according to Dr. Hawass, "all indications are that this is Seshestet."

Such ancient mummies are extremely rare find.

Basically, the scientists found the remains date back to the Pharaonic period after 1800 BC.

Historians suggest that Seshestet — one of the few female pharaohs — ruled Egypt for 11 years.

It took five hours to lift the lid of the sarcophagus, said in a statement Egyptologist.

Among the found remains — a skull, bones of the legs and pelvis, other body parts wrapped in linen and crockery items and gold braided sheaths for the fingers.

According to Dr. Hawass, the ancient tomb of Queen Seshestet was attacked by looters who stole from the sarcophagus almost all were in it of value.

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