In Haiti, the cholera epidemic has claimed more than 6,200 lives

In Haiti, the cholera epidemic continues to rage

According to reports from Port-au-Prince, the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti / MINUSTAH / published a report stating that by 29 August in the country registered 439.6 thousand cases of cholera and the death toll from the disease reached 6266.

The report said that in August, the number of cases in Haiti cholera increased by 20 thousand and 93 cases dropped by 50 percent compared to July. During this period, the number of deaths increased by 298 and decreased by 78 percent compared with the number who died in July. However, since the beginning of this month, heavy rains began, so the number of infections and disease killed again increased dramatically.

The report said that after last October in Haiti outbreak, the international community had given the country the funds of $ 107 million, but the epidemic has not yet been brought under effective control due to the fact that paralyzed Government of Haiti.

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