In Kazakhstan, from an unknown illness dies cattle

Outbreak of an unknown disease in Kyzylorda oblasti.V Shagan village have fallen dozens of cows and sheep. Symptoms of the virus similar to rabies, but veterinarians have not confirmed this. Autumn never in Kazakhstan did not fix the disease. The region was a massive slaughter.

Residents of Kyzylorda region quickly get rid of cattle suddenly enraged. Just this week an unknown disease was detected in dozens of cows and sheep. Villagers in tears infected cattle slaughtered and calculate losses. For many cattle were the only source of income. To the aid of the district centers come veterinarians and epidemiologists. As it turned out, to such an outbreak is not typical in autumn, they were not ready.

ORYNBEK Sarybai veterinary inspector:

— We examined the combined animal tests, but so far the results are not known. Maybe in a month will be set true causes of animal disease. But just in case we got in Almaty vaccine against rabies.

Vets believe the animals could get in the pastures, but the exact cause can be established after the examinations. In the region are endemic vaccination, but the loss of cattle continues. Experts do not rule out the possibility that the disease can be transmitted and the man.

Anna Danchenko Tlegen Bekarystanov, Berik Beymbetov.

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