In Lithuania, in response to floods declared a state of emergency

In several regions of Lithuania in response to floods in the lower reaches of the Neman declared a state of emergency, the ITAR-TASS

Due to the flooding in the lower reaches of the Neman in four Neighbourhood / eldership / Lithuania declared a state of emergency. As reported today on the border with the Kaliningrad region Pagegyayskoe government, in the flood zone the water level rose to the level of the Neman 559 cm Natural disaster declared in excess of the level of 510 cm

Water flooded about 10 thousand hectares of land, more than 10 km of roads. In some places the water column up to 50 cm Cars through flooded areas are transported on trucks platforms. In the emergency area are 8 villages, which are home to about 100 people. Representatives of Firefighting and Rescue Service are concerned that the message to them, even with the use of special equipment is about to be interrupted and will only be possible through the air by helicopters. The fact that increases the frost, which will turn the field into a skating rink, no insurmountable for all-terrain vehicles, or for amphibians.

The current flood, caused by prolonged warming after heavy snowfall started unusually early. Last year, the "big water" came to the lower reaches of the Neman in March

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