In Minsk, not given to midsummer Cup Soccer Tournament

This was announced by the organizer of the soccer tournament "Cup of midsummer" Sergei Mudrachenko.

Every two years, football fans are going to Minsk for the tournament, "midsummer Cup", which is dedicated to the ancient Kupala holiday. In This year, planned to hold a tournament at the sports complex in Serebryanka.

"We have applied for two weeks. Guide gave us a complex agreement. However, this morning when we prehal there, they suddenly this time was scheduled for another event ", — says Sergey Mudrachenko tournament organizer.

Tournament organizers have tried to find another place to play. "On the phone all of zadavalnnem were willing to give us plyatsoku, but as soon as we arrived, we were immediately denied — ostensibly on grounds other activities will start soon."

After futile attempts to hold the tournament, the participants decided to go to the nearest school stadium and just play football.

"Half an hour later, we started to play on the school stadium approached two police officers and patlumachali that they were sent to watch us," — said Sergey Mudrachenko.

The police told football fans that the game they are in the school stadium had agree with the school principal. And also asked how long they are going to run around the stadium.

Sergei Mudrachenko surprised by this reaction force of law:

"We have the impression that we were under some kind of supervision and we purposefully pursued. Level of paranoia has reached such a level that in football tournaments are already seeing an unauthorized action."

Tournament on mini-football "Midsummer Cup" was first held in 2003 for the prize of the Minsk branch of the BPF "Renaissance." The tournament is organized once every two years.

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