In Murmansk blocked maximum temperature of the day!

Anticyclone, which is located over the European part of Russia, led to sunny, warm weather in the Kola Peninsula on June 7. The area in the daytime air temperature reached +22 … +33 °. In Murmansk, was offset by the maximum temperature of the day, which was +25,8 °. Before that, the highest temperature was observed in the 7 June 1936 and was +24,3 °, according to Murmansk UGMS.

For tomorrow, June 9, in our area is expected to partly cloudy weather, intermittent rain in places. Weak wind at night, the day East 6.11 m / s. Night temperature +10 … +15 °, the day in the north of +13 … +18 °, in the south of +22 … +27 °. However, in the coming days, weather forecasters promise temperature reduction. First, people will feel the breath of the Arctic Nenets region, and on weekends colder throughout the North-West District.

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