In northern Brazil was the largest in 35 years, flooding

In northern Brazil due to the strong over the last 35 years, flooding regime was introduced disaster, AFP reports citing the local government.

Floods Rio Branco in the state of Roraima has occurred due to heavy rains. Now the water level rose by ten meters. Previously, the record was considered the level achieved in 1976, which was 50 inches below the present one.

Due to flooding dozens of communities were cut off from the outside world. Seven villages completely disappeared under the water. With the threat of erosion of state government blocked all major highways. In addition, experts expect that overwhelm the main bridge over the Rio Branco. In reinforced concrete structures have a crack at 16 centimeters.

To combat the elements of power Roraima asked for help from the Brazilian army. While the extent of the damage and the number of victims was not disclosed.

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