In Odessa, close the animal shelter

In Odessa, close the animal shelter

City program to control population of stray dogs and cats suspended members of the Anti-narcotics Police Department of Ukraine in Odessa region under the pretext of lack of license of veterinarian for sterilization with the use of ketamine as an anesthetic.

On this, as reported by UNIAN, said the director of a charitable institution "for the protection and shelter for homeless animals," Irina Naumova, adding that "suddenly nagryanuvshaya to the shelter at the 6th kilometer Ovidiopol track where neuter dogs and cats, which had seized the employees OBNON stock drug "ketamine", which is used as an anesthetic in surgery. "

In turn, the shelter veterinarian Valery Znamerovsky added that inspectors have motivated their actions by saying that "in the beginning of January, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine psychotropic drug Ketamine (an anesthetic), which is used in veterinary medicine, is on the list of psychotropic substances. And now for the surgery with the use of ketamine, a license is required, which is not a veterinarian. There is also a preparation for the replacement of ketamine, however, is not established by the decree of the Cabinet and the mechanism of accountability in the use of substances for anesthesia. "

In addition, the storage of drugs used for the sterilization of animals, the police need to create special conditions — to build a shelter in a separate room.

All of this, veterinarians say, threatens the functioning of the largest in Eastern Europe shelter created by the efforts which the German Federation for Animal Welfare, with the assistance of the former city government. For six years it carried out about 30,000 sterilization operations animals, some of which were in the shelter, and most returned to the streets or sent to the families of citizens.

In addition, on the verge of closure is the second Odessa animal shelter "Ark", which from the beginning of this year did not get the slightest financial support from the current city government.

As UNIAN reported vice president of the Odessa Union for Animal Irina Momot, "instead, we were informed about the likelihood of shelter deprivation reduced fees for leased premises, which contains, feed and provide veterinary care about hundreds of homeless dogs. In addition, the "Ark" the indebtedness for electricity over 6 th. "

In view of the situation, Vice-Mayor of Odessa Nicholas Ilchenko held a meeting with representatives oblUVD, homeless shelters and community services for catching stray dogs, after which ensured that "the activities of a charitable institution" for the protection and shelter for homeless animals "will not be stopped but only brought in line with current legislation. "

In turn, the head of the city council, Igor Derboglav noted that "funds to support orphanages in Hall no. Now even a city service for animal control keeps on enthusiasm. "

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