In reforming the Russian Armed Forces will be considered a South American experience

In reforming the armed forces of Russia will take into account the American experienceRussian military wants to use to reform the Armed Forces RF more successful south american experience and are ready to share with overseas partners for his knowledge, including in the area of combat operations in Afghanistan. This was stated by Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces RF Gen. Nikolai Makarov, starting on Tuesday, a three-day working visit to the United States.

He said that the scale transformations of its own Armed Forces Our home uses experience other countries. The general said that the U.S. Army implemented a lot of fun making related to daily training and equipping troops, training of personnel, provision of social protection of servicemen. This experience studied, and if it is applicable to Russian realities, it is used. South American partners in almost all cases ready for such cooperation, responding positively to requests by Russian, Makarov said.

As an example, Makarov referred to the formation of the Russian Armed Forces in the modern structure — the military police. "In this area, experience U.S. is useful for us — he said. — Military Police in the U.S. have long been created. It perfectly solves puzzles for the maintenance of law and order in the middle of the military. Because we are interested to learn from trainers who then would prepare personnel for military police in the military education of the Defense Ministry, obviously, adapting the experience to specific Russian realities. "

Chief of Staff also said that the Americans are showing a real interest in the Russian experience of combat operations in Afghanistan. Problem prevent the loss of personnel for the withdrawal of troops from the country, while maintaining security in the region, a priority for the United States. Makarov assured that our homeland is ready to share its experience in this matter, according to ITAR-TASS.

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