In Scandinavia, the first-graders organize gay pride parades

On September 1, the first time on television icons appear on the age limit in programs where +12, where +16, where +18.

Over the last couple of days even issued the first fine, almost a million rubles for access on the website during the day for the film, "stoned", that is, the promotion of drugs.

All week, the Russians are discussing, not too zealously protect children?

In such cases, cross-checked with the European experience, and in Scandinavia, it turns out, quite a different approach.

Terence from a family where there is a mom and dad. But its a very early age are taught, two popes at least as good. On this and the popular Dutch song, which he offered to sing in the children's television show.

In kindergarten in central Stockholm was not allowed to take the children. The reason — the methods of education are controversial even within Sweden. However, the Director-General considers them revolutionary, toddlers eliminate the gender stereotypes. For example, employees forbidden to utter the words "he" or "she." In communicating with children using specially invented impersonal pronoun "hen", popular with gays and lesbians. In the Russian language is not translated. The same faceless here and toys.

"For example, African gender-neutral doll. Should not be considered as a girl just because she has long hair. This sexless doll with a neutral party. And at the discretion of the child's imagination is a boy or a girl, sad or merry," — said the deputy director of the kindergarten Anders Bengtsson.

Children do not read stories about the Little Mermaid, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. According to the teachers, the courageous hero and heroine of the feminine — the same stereotypes. Instead, the book in which it is not clear whom the story, a boy or a girl.

Such literature is an unconventional view of life fills the Scandinavian bookstores. One such story about a boy and his dad, who had a friend. First, the main character is interesting, then he feels a sense of jealousy, but in the end takes a man as a member of their family.

In addition, the concept of "traditional family" is hopelessly outdated, Norway taught at school. This is one of the initiatives of the community of sexual minorities — lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, abbreviated as LGBT. At the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion created even a special center, which is engaged in educational programs.

"Year by year, the education system is improving. Textbooks in mathematics there are problems, which tells about a family with two dads. We go to schools and talk to students about what it means to be gay. Our goal is to see all the different people," — the leader of the Norwegian LGBT Association Bard Nyulund.

Gay activists claim that the gay parade in which children are involved, it is necessary to spread tolerance. And blamed for its absence of all who are against that juveniles went to such actions. Even the church in this dispute do not have enough authority.

"A lot of people are critical of gays are afraid of being called extremists. Government controls even the independence of the church, forcing her tolerance. If you are a priest, a homophobe, you will never get into the church, moreover, preference is given to the priests, gay men," — said the director of the Lutheran Information Mission in Norway Espen Ottosen.

5 years ago PSAs on the subject almost was not, now it is a significant percentage of air time on television in many European countries.

Minority are those who say that this is not so much a struggle with the old stereotypes as the imposition of new ones. But to say the same thing publicly risk units. One of the few agreed to be interviewed — a young politician Morten Dakhla Stark.

"From my point of view, homosexuality — certainly a deviation from the norm, but when we are talking about that, we are sending threatening letters and warnings. Discuss this topic here is very difficult, since the interests of gay support scientific and political elite of the country," — says member Christian People's Party of Norway, an independent expert at University College Staffeldtsgate Morten Dakhla Stark.

"Our former finance minister revealed his homosexuality when he entered the government. Here's what he wrote:" When I finally admitted to myself that I was gay, I became more confident in myself and my single life is finally over, " — said co-author of the book "Gay kids" Rolf Martin Angeltvedt.

Quote from the book "Gay kids", the name can be literally translated as "children of gay." About a child with gay people. Authors dream to become a school textbook, and published in English for readers from other countries. In Norway, their project has tremendous support, outside and have to listen to the charges.

"Many people say that we want to have more children with gay people. Actually, children who are using our books learn about themselves, realize they are gay or not, will be much less of a problem with drugs and mental health," — says co-author book "Gay kids" Rolf Martin Angeltvedt.

"We can call all this propaganda. Held a very successful campaign, which aims at including children. When they are, instead of talking about the traditional role of the family in society, they say, homosexuality — it's fine, it's fine, it's their knocks avail. shifts the value system, "- says the analyst of social organization Christian Concern Peter Norris.

Child psychologist Ashild Marie Vigo came to the interview with his wife, a shift of values, they are only too happy. In Norway, same-sex couples are raising more than 20,000 children. Two thirds of the public supports the practice of adoption.

"We have a whole is still considered that normally grow with mom and dad. But this is not the norm for so many children. Unless there is a reason to ban same-sex parents to have a child? Thus we abandon the development of society and let the bad side to win" — says child psychologist Ashild Marie Vigo.

On a same-sex family as an important element of modern and tolerant society says Kjell Erik Ole last known throughout Norway gay activist and now a deputy minister of health. This is his throne husband and the children Tubayas and Bastian, whose adoptive father brought up with two biological mothers lesbians.

"One day my son said, look, is it true that a man can marry and the woman? And then I explained it to him: the majority of men and does. And perhaps you yourself are going to marry a woman. And if not, then it is not so important. Yes, we have gay children sometimes grow up gay, but they also grow up in heterosexual families, "- said Deputy Health Minister of Norway Kjell Erik Ole.

That's only official statistics on the subject does not exist in Norway or in other countries. Massively adopt babies sexual minorities began not so long ago. The majority of psychologists warns everyone knowing their time. And too early immersion into the adult does not help the problem, but rather confusing. Is the age of innocence, and only after the child is ready to form their own tastes and affection. In particular, and tolerance of those who do not like it.

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