In Segezhskiy LDK has opened a new shop

In early July, Segezhskiy sawmill and woodworking plant (n. woodworkers, the Republic of Karelia) opened a new plant for the production of pallets.

While the new shop is working in two shifts, but in a short time as the rest of the production line, it will be transferred to work in three shifts. Pallets are used to package products Segezhsky pulp and paper mill, so it works in tandem with technological SPPM.
Recall that the January 23, 2012 250 employees were sent to a simple maintaining two thirds of the average wage, which amounted to a total of about 5,000 rubles a month. The reason — serious disruptions to the supply of raw sawn timber. In September of last year to lead the combine got a new CEO, Roman Tarasov, who was able to provide a stable supply of raw materials for the enterprise in the autumn-winter period. So now the plant is working in as many as three shifts at full capacity. Increased workforce to 370 people. In order to run the new facility, it took to hire about 30 people, so going through the difficult easy, the company not only functions well, but also creates new jobs.

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