In Serpukhov, Moscow region opened a new shop of C-P-C ‘

September 5 in the village Obolensk Serpukhov District opened a new office building and packing line of pet food company CPC («C-P-C"). The company is engaged in packaging of food and household products — sealed and gift.

The company earned in the Serpukhov district three years by investing in Serpukhov District of British capital. The need to construct an administrative building arose in connection with an increase in headcount. The plant gave jobs to 150 professionals. In the administration building located a study, dining room and other necessary household premises.


At the opening of the President visited the Serpukhov Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists Boris Krivodubsky, honorary citizen of the Serpukhov region Valentine Sheverneva, Irina Opanasenko doctor, teacher Olga Vorobyov. Employees of neighboring businesses Obolensky SRCAMB Shepelin Anatoly and Sergei Evsegneev also participated in the discovery and production of interested features.

— Kopaking center works with such well-known brands such as Procter and Gamble, Nestle, Craft, Korkunoff, Hermann, Danone, Wimm Bill Dan, — said General Director of "C-P-C 'Alexander Frolov. — Our work is fully certified by the food safety system.

In that visitors could see for themselves — the company's management has invited them for a tour of the new fully automated plant for packaging products Mars. But first of all had to don the robes and special hats. The matter is in the shops according to the sanitary requirements maintained perfect cleanliness. The guests toured a high-tech enterprise and a line familiar with the products, has just come off the assembly line.

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