In SKHPK them. Ulyanov Alikovsky region (Chuvash Republic) has opened a new farm

Today, the village of Bolshaya howled the grand opening of the new farm SKHPK them. Ulyanov. New farm with 188 heads built in two years. Livestock buildings constructed an economic way at their own expense. The construction of the farm household spent about 10 million rubles.

New farm meets modern requirements: spacious aisles, rooms are equipped with running water, a modern mounted the milk. Now this farm 70 dairy cows and 43 head — fattening. 

As part of the state support of agricultural enterprises for the 9 months of 2012, APC them. Ulyanov gratuitously received from the budgets of different levels of 408 thousand rubles, including the national budget — 255 million rubles (of which 189.5 thousand rubles — subsidies to support highly productive cattle), and with the federal — 153.0 thousand rubles .

The total land area of the farm is 1059 ha, including 979 ha of agricultural land, of which 754 hectares of arable land, which is fully processed.

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