In Skolkovo built residential complex Grunwald unusual format for the capital club district

In the 2000s, the only format for real estate considered an elite club house Ostozhenka. It had a small apartment building at 10-20, where it is implied, to create an intimate atmosphere. But in recent years the idea of a luxury housing varied greatly: projects become larger and have long gone beyond Ostozhenka.


"Grunwald" today has been built and put into operation

LSR Group, the developer, "Grunwald", offered his version of real estate — a club quarter. The charms of country living in it are connected with the merits of urban housing. A main feature of the "Grunwald" — bright modern architecture.


"Grunwald" — a quarter of the 13 houses, located in Skolkovo, just outside Moscow. The developer did not chase a lot of yards, but did focus on the quality of habitat. As a result, "Grunwald" has become a comfortable quarter of medium height buildings: there are no buildings higher than six stories.

Skolkovo — a very interesting area. It is far less known to the general public than the government Ruble. However, this is where live some big businessmen and senior government officials. In this community of property owners in Skolkovo — a sort of private club that provides a prestigious neighborhood and homogeneous social environment.

Why officials and business leaders chose Skolkovo? Three main reasons. First, it is a prestigious western direction and very close to Moscow. Second, on a dead-end highway Skolkovskom, unlike Rublevki, no traffic jams. Third, Skolkovo has long been an elite place. Even in Soviet times, starting with Leonid Brezhnev, the first person in the country had here at home.

Not surprisingly, the 1990 Skolkovo become a favorite destination of Russian businessmen. However, not all, but only those puts comfort, luxury and tranquility of life above Rublevki publicity. In the 2000s, the popularity of Skolkovo gradually increased: in addition to private luxury villas here began to appear and new residential developments. And in the last year of fame of this place has increased dramatically and has even become the world: it is here that began to build an innovative city. The proximity to the object was warm and the local real estate market.

Territory "Grunwald" — about 4 hectares. Six-storey buildings arranged in a way that is formed in the center of a vast recreational area.

Under the club means a quarter of a residential complex in a closed area and with a unified architectural idea, consisting of a limited number of club houses. Every home should meet with the requirements of the club format, ensuring privacy: a small number of storeys, the minimum number of units per floor. In the end, the club has become a quarter of a comfortable habitat for a range of like-minded people, united by common values. Is a clear conceptual idea of the neighborhood should be a guarantee that the buyers will be people who share the idea.

Located outside the city, club quarter "Grunwald" by the level of comfort and quality of life can compete with the best residential complexes in Moscow. There is a heated parking and comfortable, decorated with the Copyright projects lobbies and elevators with panoramic windows. On campus there is one more sign of the mandatory premium housing — a fitness center with swimming pool, fed with water from its own artesian well.

"Grunwald" is already fully built, was put into operation. The complex feature of ownership, which is not only dramatically reduces the risks in buying, but also gives the opportunity to take advantage of a mortgage from any bank with a reduced rate: mortgage interest on the secondary housing market is cheaper than for new buildings.


One of the main advantages of "Grunwald" — architecture. "The approach that we used in the" Grunwald "was for its time for a new Russia. This European approach to building design, where the master planist sets a single design project code, and individual architects create the look of each house — says co-author of the concept of "Grunwald" Sergei Choban. — In this case, there is a harmony of the master plan, and a variety of approaches to the architecture of each home. "

Sergei Choban not accidentally turned to the European traditions: he lived for many years in Europe, his office has been successful in Germany. A new model of the design seems to be very productive. After all, historically the face of cities have always been diverse. In Russia, the huge urban areas were built under the same idea and the same handwriting. And even if the idea was interesting, the result turned out dull and monotonous. When running several architects achieved so important for the city of diversity. "The tenants is important to distinguish your home from a neighbor's", — says Sergey Choban.


Front of the house, designed by architect Anton Mosin, is a semi-transparent "veil"

For the design of individual buildings have been invited four architectural firms, "Ostozhenka", "Project Megan" and AssmannSalomon German «Speech Tchoban / Smiths." Framework within which the architects were delivered, were as follows: high-rise buildings, the general spirit of Suprematism, simple geometric shapes of houses, ecological and bold innovative solutions.

Each of the architects chose the shape of the building (a circle, a sector, a square), and created his own style of the building, which was later replicated. All projects — "Sector", "Kubus", "Waltz" and "veil" — have a clear geometric forms and are mainly made of natural materials, warm, deep colors and dolomitic limestone and Italian travertine marble, laminate wood panels, decorative glass. The decoration of houses used technology called "ventilated facade", with finishing materials in each type of homes are subject to different.

Perhaps the most unconventional facade solution was used for houses "Veil" (the author of the project Anton Mosin). The facade of the house — semi-transparent "veil" behind which the building itself. Shutters French balconies and sliding shutters stained-glass windows are made of patinated copper color panels with perforations in the form of oak leaves, seeds and twigs disclosed ash. Owners of apartments can move the front panel in its discretion and thereby change the position of the windows, to increase sun exposure, or "black out" room. With this appearance of houses "Veil" is never the same — it changes according to the mood of its occupants.

On the whole district Skolkovo has suddenly become a sort of oasis of modern architecture in Russia. A year ago, there was built a very interesting building of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo" project Englishman David Adjaye, which inspired the avant-garde paintings of Malevich and Kandinsky. Now the construction of the Skolkovo innovation city, where they will build a world star — Japanese K
azuyo Sejima
and Dutch Rem Koolhas. A history of modern architecture began with Skolkovo "Grunwald".

LSR Group established in 1993. Today it is one of the largest construction companies in Russia. As of September 1, 2011 LSR — the leader among the largest domestic construction companies by market value on the rating agency "Expert RA". The company operates in several business segments: real estate development, construction and building materials production. The main business is concentrated in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Moscow and Moscow region, Ekaterinburg and the Urals region. The real estate portfolio of LSR is 8.4 million square meters. The company's revenue for the year 2010 — 49 950 million rubles (according to IFRS).

Anton Stepanov

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