In Smolensk, opened the first youth hostel

In Smolensk, opened the first youth hostel. This small, seemingly news — a good sign for the overall economy of the region. The fact that we are sorely lacking of available Hotels, know and visit, and Smolensk, which ever book to friends and colleagues.

Even Muscovites celebrate the high cost of Smolensk hotels. But "weekend tourists" do not need much: spend the night in a cheap and clean place to recharge the battery so the camera. And the construction of the hostel — a good way out. These residences are today — a common phenomenon in large cities, which are visited by a large number of tourists. The new mini-hotel will allow anyone who wants to stay in our city, without paying exorbitant sums for it.  


Not all at once everything was settled …

— In May last year, I flew to Vladivostok, where he lived in a hostel — says the owner of the hostel Evgeny Novikov.? — Like a friendly atmosphere, convenient location in the center of the city, also in the neighborhood lived a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Pleased and affordable prices. Then I thought that in Smolensk, with its geographical location, rich history and culture, surely there must be something like that, because the main hostel guests — these are young people for whom it is important to communicate, and not closed smartly trimmed doroguschego hotel room .

On his return to Smolensk began to embody the idea. The room was a long time ago, right in the lease, and required repairs. But it so happened that in the autumn of last year offered to buy it, which I did. Then — the repair, purchase of furniture and equipment, preparation of all necessary documents, and then I was a sole proprietorship. Except for the repair tried to do everything himself.

My most important source of knowledge about the needs of customers hostel — it's the people themselves. A lot of talk with guests interested in — like that, what does not, draw conclusions and to correct the deficiencies. I am convinced that the most important thing in this industry? — To be hospitable host. People are important, not expensive furnishings and attention!

The hostel is gaining popularity

When everything was ready to meet guests, Eugene registered at various sites on the reservation and began to receive visitors. The first clients were found rather quickly: the Internet — unlimited source of guests. All kinds of sites, social networks, forums allow you to quickly locate information about available rooms and different booking systems disseminate information about the hostel around the world. However, the entrepreneur is not in communication with English-language portals, so some guests from abroad.

— Come from a family of France, and is now waiting to visit the English biker — lists Eugene. — I can say that all the guests are satisfied: value for money quite profitable. Recently bikers from Pskov, a large company. Chatted with them until five in the morning, but now I know all about the life of the "kings of the road." Visited and rock musicians, after they left the mountain of beer bottles. In general, from different cities of Russia and Belarus, a lot of customers: just go and see the city and stay in transit, and on a business trip. Yaroslavl, Pskov, Orenburg, Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg … The list goes on.

— I even had the idea to make a map of the city — said the young man. — Then it will be clear from what places people came, everyone will be able to leave your feedback, comments and farewell countrymen who settled here after.

City — a fairy tale, a dream city …?

— I travel frequently and have noticed: in Russia, and in the world, there is the city of Smolensk much younger and less remarkable in cultural terms, but they cherish each value of any historical find,? — Says Eugene.? — They try to attract people by all means. It's a pity that we do not. For example, the city wall — tourists usually call it the Kremlin. Not only where there is still such a rare monument! It would seem that it is necessary to clear it of debris and the wall, and then organize a walk for a small fee? Believe me, a city that would not be chargeable to the contrary.

Yet few people know about our city. I myself am a historian by training, so I try to tell their guests about Smolensk, advise where to go, what to see. In the hostel there is something to read on this topic. I hope that my project will become a regional center popular and attractive. But I want to remember more about Smolensk and at the state level, and not just when there was an arrest or accident. Let people know what our ancient and beautiful city! Maybe even in the anniversary year, the situation will improve.

Big starts small

So why in the beginning of this post, we stated with certainty that the discovery of a low-budget hotel — a good sign for the overall economy of the region? A generally lie on the surface.

To say that the attraction of tourists to Smolensk no one does — is fundamentally wrong. Coming anniversary, and the regional administration has developed a range of programs through which our city and the region as a whole has significantly increased potential for tourism. Commemorative construction, development of symbolism, the creation of electronic guides, publications in the national media, the creation of a special Tourist Information Centre … It's all good, right and necessary.

But for the great care and the plans can be lost those important little things that make up the image of any cultural city. Such detail is available and the construction of hotels, such "Felix". People, as has been said, appreciate the hospitality. And it is desirable — that the hospitality was affordable on the wallet. It does not matter whether it is a hostel or budget, but clean hotel.

To any person, whether a biker, traveling the country, the company of students from Moscow, escaped for a weekend stroll with cameras, a family of Pskov on the car — that they then told friends in social networks publish reviews. What we have is beautiful, inexpensive, there is something to see, where to stay and eat. And then we will go to the new guests. And behind them — yet. And we will get something that has long dreamed of: the development of the tourism industry, the service sector. Money foreign and nonresident guests.

Entrepreneurs — not stupid to invest in bad projects do not love. (In the hostel, we note we opened in recent years, several private hotels budget, so even speak of a trend.) So, feel: the project is effective, the profit will be.

But the hostel, as mentioned above, — a sure sign of a tourist town. That is closer to the dream?


Hostel (born hostel — hostel) — mini-hotel, where a small amount of money each traveler can stay in a hotel or a place in the common room (DORM). Through the development of hostel movement around the world, young people and other disadvantaged people can cheaply travel around the world. Over the decades, many hostels have changed and become quite serious hotels, cultural spaces.

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