In Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk region). New pump station and a new water treatment system

Many residents Snezhinsk still think that, thanks to the boiler room in their homes warm in winter. In fact, for heating in apartments snezhintsev meet new pump and booster stations. It is fully operational.

The city also introducing a new water treatment system — as a disinfectant will use chlorine dioxide.

On filtration plant Itkul intake that mainly supplies water company has already conducted pilot testing. "Research on water ozonation, ultraviolet radiation, but in the water pipes are no longer active ultraviolet light and ozone and chlorine dioxide acts", — Told the junior researcher Michael Antyufeev.

"The total cost of a new pumping station — 460 million rubles — from the federal budget. About 10 million rubles for the commissioning has been allocated from the local budget, "- said the first deputy head of the city district administration Snezhinsk Vladimir Znamenskii. Area pump-turbine hall pumping station is more than eight hundred square meters, the temperature of each tube about one hundred degrees. "Given that the city had no such object, for us, is a new series of works," — said the deputy director of "TRANSENERGO" Sergei Saranchuk. Now pumping and booster stations is in manual mode, pre-commissioning. Carried out set-up mode, in addition, have replaced equipment. In case of power failure at the plant has emergency power. This situation is already practiced. Currently, start-and-adjustment mode on the inhabitants of Snezhinsk not reflected

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