In Sochi started a massive update the fleet of first aid

In accordance with the regional target program of the municipal fleet institutions Sochi "First Aid Station" to be fully updated. Until the end of 2013 the city will 90 modern machines.  

The first six new cars are already out on the line. Entered in Sochi new "soon" made on the basis of the Russian producer vans "Volkswagen". 

Among those who arrived in Sochi new machines — two reanimobile a high level of equipment. The whole apparatus is mobile, it can be removed from the bracket and take on the challenge. Up to the portable oxygen cylinders.  



Inside, "fast" is a ventilator, the device "Corpuls" with integrated defibrillator that can be used during transportation of the patient to monitor all the vital functions of the human body: heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood. You can even pull off the road in an electrocardiogram. The comfortable compartments stored resuscitation bag with medical supplies to assist in the mountains and its smaller counterpart — suitcase for calls in the city.  

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