In Sochi started collecting kiwi

On a single plantation in the country — in Sochi — have grown this year, more than 40 tons of berries.

Lab Assistant Research Station Natalia Mokhovskoye for kiwi cares for 25 years. It was then brought to Adler the first seedlings of woody vines.

"In the 90th year we started collecting. Annually collect. Every year the harvest more and more ", — said assistant state scientific institution "Adler Experimental Station" Natalia Mokhovskoye.

Now six hectares of plantations grow seven varieties of kiwi. For example, Bruno — small and are similar to grapes. But Hayward, on the contrary, — large, almost like apples. Drip irrigation, proper pruning, favorable weather — resulting in a rich harvest — not less than 50 tonnes.

Exotic collected fall into refrigerated containers. At a certain temperature are Chinese gooseberries — the so-called kiwi yet — may remain until the next harvest. The berries are grown without the use of chemicals. Therefore, and stored without preservatives. Environmentally friendly product on the shelves do not lie: it is sold in local markets and shops. But Sochi resorts, according to employees of the station, prefer not to local fruits and imported.

"Many people who are on holiday from Kemerovo, Sakhalin, they see only imported. Writing on the table to our travelers, I think it would be a good feature for the city of Sochi, "- said the director of the State Scientific Institution" Adler Experimental Station "Alexander Boyko.

Kiwi fruit up to 100 years. But scientists deduce all the new varieties of berries — with a high content of sugars and vitamins. Therefore, management plans Experimental Station — laying of new plantations. Next year there will be new seedlings from Japan and Italy. It is in these countries, selection of berries is at the highest level.

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