In Sochi started setting adapted for disabled payment terminals (video)


In Sochi started setting adapted for use by disabled payment terminals. One of the first such devices appeared in a holiday park "Riviera", it can be easily distinguished by the special characters designate, told Trend today. ITAR-TASS news agency in the administration of the city.

The height of the vertical location of the monitor, and low bill acceptor is ideally suited for use by citizens of the terminal with limited mobility, including wheelchair. The terminal is programmed for the services of more than 2.5 thousand suppliers. According to the deputy head of the city department to implement the powers in the preparation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Margarita Petrosyan, in the near future, such models of payment terminals will be installed on many of the main streets of the resort, as well as in buildings entities providing public services.

This year, the oldest Sochi recreation park has become the city's first recreational facilities, which fully established barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. On the alleys of the park is laid tactile tile, placed at the entrance booth — the index for visually impaired visitors. To make it easier for disabled people to move around the park, where all the boxes removed from the sidewalks.

In the "Riviera" is not only created barrier-free environment, but also all the conditions for sports people with disabilities. People with disabilities can now be engaged on special trainers, basketball, tennis, soccer and chess.


Equal opportunities


In the capital of the Games in 2014 continue to carry the Olympic commitments, including creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. The city will put the world's only dedicated ATM for wheelchair users, deaf and visually impaired.

Thirty vehicles "three in one" not only for wheelchair users, but also for the blind and deaf must earn in Sochi next year. While in Sochi are only ten ATMs for wheelchair users. They have a height of not more than 1.2 m from the ground around each space from 1.5 to 2 m, to carriage could turn around. If Americans and Canadians upgraded for disabled existing ATMs, in Sochi machines created from scratch, and in the administration of the city have developed their own guidelines for new devices.

"In the UK and other countries that have hosted the Olympics, creating a wide network of payment terminals. They are literally at every turn and are very convenient for people with disabilities. For example, a waiter at the cafe itself handles the payment. Terminals We will also be used. But this is not enough, because the Russians are accustomed to ATMs. As countries of Europe, we were unable to help — they just do not have that experience, had to do his mind, addressed to public organizations of disabled people for advice. However, most difficulty even with the appearance of devices, and Filled programs for ATMs. "
Leila Gandaloeva, Head of Economics and Forecasting of Sochi Administration

The new ATMs will be special buttons that are easy to use by touch. They repeat the keyboard mobile phone, but from the Braille decided to give up. According to the research, know him only 8-10% of the blind and visually impaired Russians. By the way, the hardest part was to develop recommendations for this particular category of people with disabilities. While blind dials your card fraudsters can easily spy on him. As a result, the ATM for the visually impaired has been decided to put in a separate booth. The new devices have to work in three languages — Russian, English and French. While joined the program only three Russian bank, but in the administration hope that over time they will be much more.

"First of all we will install ATMs at railway stations and airports. Then — in places of public events. Prototype of now we are tested in Krasnaya Polyana. Turned out, by the way, an important detail with which we have to deal with. Not all foreign cards registered. Therefore, if in the event of a failure of its ATM "zazhuet", as happened recently with the Canadian coach to return the card requires laborious procedure to confirm the identity. "
Leila Gandaloeva, Head of Economics and Forecasting of Sochi Administration

Olympics, certainly contributes to the integration of people with disabilities into society, making the urban environment more friendly, and the lives of the 35 million people with disabilities who live in Sochi will be a little easier. 

"We are seriously concerned with the implementation of barrier-free environment in the city. Hosting the Olympic Games will help change attitudes towards people with disabilities. By 2014 in Sochi will be barrier-free more than 1,800 objects, today already meet the accessibility requirements of 490."
Anatoly Pakhomov, Mayor of Sochi

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