In Staroutkinsk (Sverdlovsk region). Bestruboprovodnoy unique project of gasification

A pilot project using alternative gasification of liquefied natural gas carried in the Sverdlovsk region. Six months ago, Staroutkinsk was laid a time capsule at the construction site of the complex for the storage and re-gasification of liquefied natural gas. And on Feb. 1, and. o.glavy region Anatoly Gredin committed to working Staroutkinsk, where he took part in the ceremonial start of the gas.


In order for the gas to come to a remote village in a short time had done enormous work. As part of the agreement signed between the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and "Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg" with the participation of enterprises "Gas Network" and "Oblkommunenergo" for half a year remodeled heating systems, built two block-modular boilers, complex storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas, will be built 58 km gas pipeline of high pressure and low pressure.

On the same day in the village Staroutkinsk opened another object — a leisure center, built in place of the old one, which passed under the organization of the township nursery.


The total project cost alternative gasification based reconstruction of heating systems and the construction of two modular gas-fired boiler was 312 million rubles. The new complex will save hundreds of millions of budget funds and accelerate the gasification Staroutkinsk.

At the first stage of heat and hot water will be provided with 17 apartment buildings, as well as budgetary organizations, hospitals, schools, daycare and the administration. By 2013, the length of the pipeline will increase to 38 km, the gas will come in two thousand private domov.Gazifikatsiya settlement here will help develop housing, create new industries. In the future, these complexes of liquefied natural gas to be built in other remote locations.

"Over the past five years, gasification of the Sverdlovsk region has become an important strategic area of economic and social development of the region, whose purpose — to ensure a stable and reliable gas supply to consumers," — said Gredin.

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