In Stavropol, built destky garden Palace of childhood

On Friday, in the district of "Perspective" Stavropol opened the first of its kind kindergarten, built jointly by the city and the Group of companies "Yugstroyinvest." The locals have dubbed the Palace of preschool childhood.


Sasha Kachanova and more than two hundred of her peers is hardly realize the scale of the event. But the joy of the builders, who had surrendered to less than a year, it divided the parents.

The head of the region told the townspeople on the execution of the decrees of the president. It turns out: this kindergarten — the first swallow. Behind her is flying flock.

"This year we are starting to build in 2014 — 56 new kindergartens for 14,000 seats. And we close fully in place in 2015", — assured the Governor.

Then — congratulations and awards. Medal "For Services to the Stavropol Territory" awarded CEO of the group of companies "Yugstroyinvest" Yuri Ivanov and City Manager Andrew Dzhatdoev Stavropol.

Awards "For Valiant Labor" were the head of George Kolyagin, the City Duma deputy and the initiator of the law on municipal-private partnership Gennady Tishchenko, and most importantly — the builders: a carpenter, plasterer, bricklayer.

Then the fun began — examination of pre-school, which is called just a kindergarten not bring a swimming pool, dance class, spacious classrooms.

"Classy kindergarten, with a completely unconventional colorful exterior and interior design, which can not fail to please the eye. I think I will be happy with kids and their parents," — said he hoped the head of administration of Stavropol Andrew Dzhatdoev.

A master builder has divided the new plans for the development of the south-west of Stavropol: there will be two kindergartens, a school and a new route connecting the street Tukhachevsky and New bypass.

"These projects will be implemented within two years. This is what distinguishes us from other companies and, therefore, recommend us to your friends — we promise, then do" — said General Director of the group of companies "Yugstroyinvest" Yuri Ivanov.

For social and charity activities of Yuri Ivanov thanked the Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Sergei Naryshkin.

Have something, believe the State Duma: the construction of a kindergarten at a cost of 180 million rubles. Expenses divided in half municipality and business.

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