In Sudzhansky the Kursk region launched a new feed mill

Feed mill launched the company of "Agriculture Alliance" South "(part of LLC" Suggia-Agroinvest "). 20,000 tons a year — so much fodder needed for its own business needs, the potential production capacity of the plant — 65-70 thousand tons.

The total cost of the project — 146.6 million rubles. The new plant will apply the most advanced technologies, it is fully automated. The advantage of this facility — in the presence of its own resource base.

The implementation of the project involves the creation of 15 jobs with an average salary of employees of more than 18 000 rubles per month. 

Of "Agriculture Alliance" South "is working in the territory of several municipalities Sudzhansky region. The company — 7,000 hectares of arable lands, more than a thousand head of cattle, pig farm for 60 thousand heads, the number of which by far exceeds 30,000. Every year it produces more than 7,000 tons of meat.

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