In Sumy opened a new foundry

The governor Yuri Chmyr attended the opening of the foundry of "Sumy plant" Nasosenergomash. " Strategic investment project area sold in one year. 

"Sumy region — an area conducive to business. Along with the factory workers, designers, builders, management companies, we are opening an automatic line for casting, a work by the most modern technologies. This suggests that there is a demand that our Sumy casting quality and is designed for a wide range, "- said during the opening of the RSA chairman.

The new plant is designed to produce 4 million tons of castings per year. The cost of its construction and equipment amounted to 67 million hryvnia.

The room is set production line the casting molds and induction furnaces.

According to the governor, Sumy State continues the trend, because now the whole economy of Ukraine is in the process of modernization, which is essential to the competitiveness of its product.

"During the meeting of the Committee on Economic Reforms The President has clearly defined areas in which you need to move further work. Our businesses need new production capacity and upgrading — is stressed. As governor I will say, can not base that has worked for decades, giving competitive products. Moreover, we need to compete with imports and exports go to maintain the economic balance of the country ", — stressed Yuri Chmyr.

Regarding the specific outcome for the people — for example, Sumy businesses grow with the growth of production wages. "PAT" Nasosenergomash "demonstrates not only the dynamics of the increase in production, increase wages of workers, and this — higher incomes thousands of families. We are on the ground and for the people ", — said the governor.

Recall that the PJSC "Sumy plant" Nasosenergomash "today remains a leading center of pump building the state, is known far beyond Ukraine. The partners of the plant are 55 countries in the world.

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