In Surgut bureau opened infectious case

After a four-year renovation of the program "Modernization of Health Khanty-Mansiysk" was the grand opening of the infectious case with the office of hemodialysis Surgut District Hospital.  Insulation in the infectious disease department starts at the front desk. From the ambulance patient arrives in a special box, a total of 3 — separately for each type of infection.
  Reinventing the infectious department Surgut District Hospital has 120 beds, all of them are isolated. At the same doctor always has the latest information on the status of critically ill patients — all of the data from the intensive care unit of pressure, temperature and pulse every second coming into the computer nurses and doctor.

Hardware provides decontamination of wastewater. All the water enters the infectious department of special pipes, here is purified liquid added special preparations for disinfection.

In his welcoming remarks, the chief physician Galina Shestakov noted the importance of the event for the residents as it is the only infectious disease clinic in Surgut and Surgut district — "Public housing meets all modern requirements Sanitary and features a centralized sterilization equipment, a separate installation for waste disposal and plant for wastewater disinfection — this is our greatest achievement . Infectious units of housing equipped with modern medical equipment and devices, acquired as part of the regional program "Cooperation" for a total amount of 250 million rubles. I would like to thank the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk for the fact that, despite the economic crisis, the case continues to build and was put into operation. "





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