In Tallinn opened a new Orthodox church


Today at 9:00 am started the opening ceremony of the Orthodox Church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hear" in Lasnamäe, which brought together thousands of tallinntsev.S that time the church is open for regular worship.

The ceremony began with the bringing of Mother of God "Quick to Hear" and a meeting with Metropolitan Cornelius parishioners. Then there was a prayer, which goes to the solemn liturgy. Followed by a welcome speech to the audience asked the Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia Cornelius and the mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar.
"From now on, — said the mayor — is a functioning temple, but it will always require attention and care. There is still engaged in its interior, will soon begin work Sunday school. And I hope that the younger generation of residents Lasnamäe also be able to find the way to the temple.
Today is really a big day. Because today after much effort has opened a new spiritual center. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that it is — a historic event both for the Orthodox faithful, and for the whole of the spiritual life of our country. "

The temple was founded in 2003 during an official visit to Estonia, Patriarch Alexy II, Sanctify the foundation stone. 

Construction work on the construction of the temple began in 2006. The iconostasis of the St. Petersburg masters made by special order. It was created with the architectural appearance and features of the solutions of the interior space of the church. The icons for the iconostasis is also written in the city on the Neva River — said a member of the Synod of the Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate Sergei Myannik. — "We must pay tribute to our partners from St. Petersburg in spite of the short time they were able to do everything that depends on them to first icons were installed on them to have a place on the day of the opening of the church."

— In the basement of the temple are equipped with facilities designed for the future of Sunday school and the refectory. Here will be arranged and the kitchen and Prosvirnov, and a small sewing workshop — all that is needed for normal speaking secular language, "functioning" of the temple, — said Sergey Myannik.

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