In Taman Motorized Rifle Brigade built Stadium

The Ministry of Defence is preparing to launch a major new project. Across the country in military units and departments should appear multipurpose sports complexes. One — Pilot — is already in the suburban Alabino.

At Grigory Bogdanov rare sports title. International Master of Sports Bench Press. For him, one hundred and fifty — a mere formality. He is the champion of the Kursk region in powerlifting. In Taman Motorized Rifle Brigade have defined it to investigate. Husky says that the gym is equipped with a professional and competent instructors there. Although why they it is not clear — the athlete himself tells colleagues. In the sports complex involved three people, a whole battalion. All in top form. Commanders say that many of the soldiers wore it for the first time in my life.

The soldiers left the warm jackets in the cloakroom. Here shower. Classes are planned so that the gym is not empty from morning to evening. Each soldier comes here every day. In sports games in Taman brigade bet on the volleyball, basketball and soccer. And in all of this play at the same time. And it seems to not interfere with each other.

Stadium was built in four months. Just a few weeks later, he was working in a test mode. As a result, the Department of Defense has approved the project, and now these buildings will be built across the country. A good incentive to practice and become the ministry's decision to pay extra every month for A-officers to three salaries.

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