In Tatarstan, brought an early maturing hybrid maize

TatNIISKh together with the Institute of corn delivered to gossortoispytanie early maturing hybrid maize Bilyar 160 (FAO 160) of the universal direction of use.

As reported by the regional Ministry of Agriculture, early-maturing hybrids can be cultivated in the Republic of Tatarstan and for grain and silage.

The cultivation of grain on technology when the phase of ripeness can be removed for silage containing 25-35% dry matter, cob at least 30%, which provides energy-rich food. When harvesting in late August, you can get the grain with a moisture content not exceeding 25%. With low humidity and a minimum cost for drying the cultivation of the hybrid grain would be economically justified.

Productivity Bilyar 160 15-20% higher than standard Catherine ST. The advantage of new items is a high stress resistance. Even in dry conditions you can expect to harvest this crop.

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